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Those of you who follow will be astonished to learn that I have completed the first fifth of my cookbook project. The reward for this is that I get to buy a cookbook, and I had planned to buy a Columbian cookbook. However, the book I had in mind has sold out. This is where you come in....

FWIW, I have a reasonable representation from European countries, and also from Asian. I have only one American book, and the whole of Africa is conspic by its a, which seems an error. (Actually, there are some African recipes in my Middle Eastern book, which was written by an Egyptian, and also in the Madhur Jaffrey world book of vegetarian cook, which is a fabulous book and I heartily recommend it. but Africa is big. Also, there's a Desmond Tutu pan-African book which seems like a good thing, to be encouraged.)

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Comments, of course, entirely welcome.



Jul. 23rd, 2007 08:08 pm
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The internet seems uncertain which house to put me in. It dithers between two, which are actually the two I'd dither between, but fails to come up with a final definitive answer. So I turn to you, dear reader.

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And now I go to watch Cars with the family.
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When you were at school, what did you call the land mass with Australia in? I don't mean what ndo you call it now, I'm wondering about school.

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Furthermore, I've been thinking about travelling. list )


Apr. 3rd, 2007 02:40 pm
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I made cauliflower soup and toasted sandwiches for our lunch today. Benedict protested that that was REALLY WEIRD and I didn't ought to have. We decided on an LJ poll to settle the matter.

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(He later decided it was OK, because he liked the soup.)
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So, we've been watching The West Wing a lot recently, and there's an episode with the State of the Union speech. One person naturally, gets left behind, so if there's a terrorist attack not everyone dies. In this episode, just before the president leaves, he's talking to the left-behind guy about how he'd run the country. The president says this:

You have a best friend?.. Is he smarter than you?... Would you trust him with your life?... That’s your chief of staff.

We thought it was obvious who my chief of staff would be were I made president of the US (yes, I know, it's impossible). Is it to you?

Update: I was assuming that the First Lady couldn't be Chief of Staff.

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[ profile] cjwatson is made of nice, slugs, sugar, snails, spice and
puppy dogs' tails. This makes him both a boy and a girl. What about you?

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no, I'm not going to wear a corset to a dinner )

and after all that, I've decided that the bought-off-the-internet dresses probably won't fit and TK Maxx didn't have anything either.
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