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Last night I made Apple sauce chicken with courgette rice.

(Fry an onion and a couple of courgettes in butter, add two cups of short grain rice, when rice is translucent add a pint of chicken stock. Vegetable or my usual standby tamarind would work as well, but as we were eating it with chicken I used chicken stock.)

The chicken was really nice, and I bet it would be good in a bento with a green salad... or as a baked potato topping maybe.
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I made noodle salad, and as I was making it, Judith came and asked me for an egg, so I poached eggs and had them on top. I wanted to remember as it was so well received (and tasty).

Fry mushroom, courgette and onion in ghee, prepare noodles (thin rice noodles in this case). Add the veg and frying ghee to the noodles, and stir. Add chopped salad ('oriental leaf' bag mix in this case), stir. A splash of date vinegar and mirin, stirred again, served with poached eggs on top (for J & me, Colin had grated cheese)

I think I did it that way round, rather than dressing first then leaves.

The other thing I made recently which everyone loved was honey&mustard chicken (as I tweeted the recipe):

Brown chunks of chicken, make roux flour/butter/mustard, add milk slowly, add thyme, spinach, honey, splash wine. Cook until thickened. #yum

(Spinach was an lump of frozen spinach. That's quite handy, frozen spinach comes in lumps about the size of two icecubes, and you can just throw one or two in to whatever for extra flavour/colour/vitamins. Great in curries/pasta sauces)
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Not complex stuff - orange pepper rolls - but given that even then they looked wonky and I forgot the ginger/soy sauce (neither Colin nor I actually like wasabi that much, so I didn't bother to buy any).

So, tell me your preferred sushi fillings/books/websites. I feel a lot of experimenting coming on!
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Nightmare before Christmas spoon, fork & chopstick set.

([ profile] keris; the same seller also has SpongeBob sets!)

In other news; still haven't bought any yarn, bt have been using up what I've got (v.good).

Have used 83 of my 137 usericons.


Apr. 3rd, 2007 02:40 pm
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I made cauliflower soup and toasted sandwiches for our lunch today. Benedict protested that that was REALLY WEIRD and I didn't ought to have. We decided on an LJ poll to settle the matter.

[Poll #959526]

(He later decided it was OK, because he liked the soup.)
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[ profile] james_r came and had lunch with Colin and me in the Buchan Street Caff (which is called Get Stuffed, but I'd forgotten that). That was nice. I had a baked potato, which was also nice (and stuffed with cheese and mushrooms). We should do that again.

In other news, a while ago [ profile] xanna and Jacob bought me a lunchbox. Here is a picture of it in action Read more... )

Benedict's lunch )


Feb. 18th, 2007 12:17 pm
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Recently, in a bid to encourage Benedict to eat more variety, I persuaded him to give new lunchbox items a try.

I found this website, which has different websites for five days a wek for four weeks, and he's choosing two or three from each week for four weeks.

This week is week one; this scheme has led me to make ham and pineapple pizzas for everyone to eat for their lunch tomorrow, and as a result,. there is also pineapple sorbet freezing. I like this scheme :)


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