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At the moment, I am ridiculously proud of these two watery photos, taken recently:

At Think Tank, Birmingham's science museum, in their outdoors science garden. When I grow up, I want a science garden.

At the new splash pad in the Pulley park, opposite Kings Hedges learner pool.
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When we were at the air show, I got some decent pictures of biplanes with Blue Peter presenters strapped on top, and also some not entirely sucky photos of the Eurofighter, too.
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Furthermore, I uploaded a load of our photos from Parc Asterix

Barbe de Papa!
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You don't actually have to look at all these, but as I upload them, I'll add links here, both for Norway and Denmark. (The crow in the usericon was Norway.)

Here are Hotel Legoland photos
Here are Miniland pictures (the small lego world)
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Plz to notice, my husband not completely ugly, too

Photo meme

Feb. 13th, 2007 10:53 am
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For [ profile] aellia
my yarn stash )

For [ profile] lalajia
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For [ profile] gerald_duck

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For [ profile] alison_lees

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More later; and I'm still taking requests.
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Colin bought me a lovely stuffed bear for Christmas. His name is Albert.

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I was obviously very shaky at the weekend, these have come out better, but I've a long way to go. Also, I didn;t leave the house to take any of them.

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I like the one with the tree and the lamppost best.


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