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Continuing our adventures in mainstream popculture, Andreas and I are baking cookies and boogeying to Little Mix. I'm having fun and I'm quite enjoying both the music and the dance and of course the cookies :) So he also asked to watch X Factor and we've set it to record, although it's a few weeks in, it turns out.

Cream 40g of marge, granny sugar and light muscovado, add a beaten egg and a few drops vanilla sugar, then 75g sr flour and 50g mixed dried fruit or chocolate chips. Drop spoonfuls on a baking tray and 180c/gas mark 4 for 10 -12 minutes.
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Berklee College of Music in Boston is the largest college of contemporary music in the world, according to Wikipedia. Every year they host a 5 week string orchestra performance course, with a concert at the end. I've just learnt about this, thanks to this year's tribute to Gregg Allman and Butch Trucks, founder members who died earlier this year (as I mentioned in the music meme). Have a wee listen to this, it's amazing.
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the list )

A song you never get tired of. I was looking for something with a lot of range, to keep my interest up. Something a bit meaty, by a band I love. So I give you Astronomy by the Brain Surgeons. It was actually written for Blue Öyster Cult but is one of the BÖC songs that the Brain Surgeons, formed by Al Bouchard after leaving BÖC, kept playing. Al is now in a Blue Öyster Cult/Alice Cooper covers bande, Blue Coupe, with Dennis Dunaway from Alice Cooper.

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A song about drugs or alcohol.

This is absolutely as close to the drug itself as I ever want to get. Heroin by Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground.

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I was just saying that I don't tend to do the 'oh, this song!' *cranks volume* thing, then the next day I was listening to Hawkwind and Hassan i Sabbah came on. And I leant over and turned up the volume.

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It just occurred to me that the reason for keeping the whole list in the post might be so I can add links to the relevant posts. So I'll start doing that.

The list, now with linking )

4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget.

It was the mid 90s when I first became aware of this person. I was sceptical at first, wary of them, so kept my distance. In 1997, however, I was losing some of my scepticism, enough that this song at the time was a sign of hope, of a good future, which was to be dashed over the next decade.

The song, of course, is Things can only get better by D:Ream
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I've so far spent the morning reading the Fan Writer Hugo nominations, which is to say, drinking coffee and spluttering with indignation and annoyance a lot. I trust the next thing I read will be happier for me; certainly I like all of the series that I've read, even if, in some cases, I'm not particularly desperate to continue.

Anyway, it is nearly time for my shopping to arrive, and to wake Judith, so have a quick song.

the list )

A song that reminds you of summer. It's set on 15th July, so a fairly obvious choice, but St Swithin's Day by Billy Bragg.

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Last night, I made some nice rice which I thought I should share. Fry garlic and onions (I used spring onions because they needed up but you get the idea), add some rice and harissa powder until translucent, then add veg stock, raisins, flaked almonds, saffron and a tin of chickpeas.

The list )
2. A song you like with a number in it.

The first song that comes up whenever I press 'random play' is 1,2,3,4 by 이하이 (Lee Hi) so I listen to it a lot. It's a nice bouncy pop song, I hope you like it too.

Music meme

May. 16th, 2017 01:58 pm
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I've been enjoying [personal profile] gwendraith posting a music meme, daily or so, so I thought some of y'all might appreciate if I did that too.

the list )
The first is 'a song with a colour in the title'.

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue by Bob Dylan.
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This weekend for my birthday treat we went to Ramblin Man, a new rock/blues festival in Kent.

We camped, the first time the littles had, so that was exciting. But we did the option that meant we hired a tent and it was all set up.

Cut for pictures. )

The first morning we made it through a long but fast moving queue just in time for the first band, No Hot Ashes, an 80s hair metal band who outgrew the hair.


We then wandered over to the prog stage for the o f Touchstone, who played a very bouncy Mad World which worked better than I would have expected, andalso caught  a touch of Toseland on the main stage - pleasant hard fast aspromised.

A break for lunch and Ferris wheel followed.


Blue Öyster Cult, who were the band we most wanted to see. They are getting old and rarely venture outside of the US any more - this was their only European gig. They're back on stage tonight though, in Paso Robles California. They played an absolutely amazing set, starting with The Red and The Black


ThenBurnin For You


(This is when I consult the internet setlist) Harvester of Eyes, ME262, Bucks Boogie and so to Godzilla, which is when Andreas started headbanging <3

morepictures )

Don't fear the Reaper, because they have to, and finishing with Cities on Flame with Rock n Roll


They were heavy, fast, energetic and clearly having a good time. I'm so glad B got to see them, and that everyone really enjoyed them.

After BÖC, we caught a little of Pendragon, classicprog. Then Haken, who reminded B & me of Gong but heavier - I'm glad someone is  still doing that and mean to look out their work.

Next up, Dream Theater who I think were Liv's top pick? They sounded nice enough, slightly dancey metal, but A needed a break so I ended up taking him to the Ferris wheel again and wasn't really concentrating.

Lastly, back to the prog stage for Anathema (more prog and less Goth than recorded, and definitely more energeticand passionate live, I'm glad we saw them) and Camel (really tight, excellent prog as promised, all the Camel fans were right and we had a good time.

On the way to bed, we caught the last of Scorpion too but they didn't really grab me.

The next day was more of the same!

We had intended to go straight to the prog stage, but our attention was caught by Blues Pills on the main stage, Judith'sfavourite non-BÖC band.


Swedish bouncy danceable rock, and another that we intend to look up more fun.

We did make the second half of Anna Phoebe's set, and she didn't disappoint. Prog's answer to Vanessa Mae, she's a highly talented violinist who rocks hard.

Then we ran back to the main stage for Solstafir, whose songs I vaguely recognised - Icelandic stoner, exactly my sort of thing and I'm so glad we saw them.

At this point, we needed a break sowe had pancakes and went to the playpark outside the arena but behind the prog stage. From there we heard a little of  Knifeworld, who sound like they think Bjork is good but too cheerful, and The Pineapple Thief, who sounded nice enough. We also caught a little of The Temperance Movement, blues metal which was very fun, before Riverside.

Billed as Poland's answer to Porcupine Tree, they did sound like a heavier PT, and they were one of Andreas' top bands. So glad we heard them.

Sadly, I wasnt too keen on Alcest,up next, who were technically fine but lacked passion, so Andreas and I took a walk past the blues stage, where we heard the tail end of Joanne Shaw Taylor, a brilliant young guitarist from Birmingham playing hard and fast and again, one to look up.

Back for Ian Anderson, Andreas' other top pick, who was tight and heavy as well as  all the things one would expect from Jethro Tull. I took pictures but lj isn't letting me add any more!

Then there was a break for tea and the tail end of Bernie Marsden, who was mostly playing Whitesnake songs. Definitely fun and I'd be glad to hear him again, but probably just because I'm the right age? Idk.

And back for Marillion, who played a binding set, absolutely beautiful and over too soon, but they filled their 80 minute slot with music.

And again, the main stage hadn't finished as we went to bed so we got to hear the last strains of metallic jazz that Gregg Allman was playing.

All in all, a brilliant weekend, and a nice reminder that a life filled with music is happier. Thanks to all who helped celebrate my birthday in such style!

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So, over on facebook they're doing a meme where you name a band for each letter of your name.

I did one better, and made a playlist.
I like music memes almost as much as book ones :)

So, here it is, music from Garbage, Half Man Half Biscuit, Orange Goblin, Type O Negative, Inner City Unit, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Iggy Pop, Clawfinger, Unshine, Anthrax, Iron Maiden and Terrorvision.!/playlist/Ghoti+Mhic+Uait/104559321

(I nearly put Girlschool in instead of Garbage.)


Apr. 27th, 2013 01:27 pm
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So, Colin said I could have a shofar. I think it's a technique, he agrees to any random request I make and then I go 'oh, I can't possibly that's far too random' instead of 'but why can't I have *whatever*?'.

Anyway, on this case I actually went so far as to look up shofars.

This one has a plastic mouthpiece to make it easier to play, does that make it bad and wrong? I'm thinking I might be able to remove the mouthpiece.

Otherwise they cost almost £25!


I read that playing cards might contain gelatine. Would my Jewish bridge playing friends prefer if I bought kosher playing cards? Snopes also doesn't speak on the subject.

Would anyone like my flugel-bugel? It's a weird brass instrument in G which I can't play. A proper trumpet player with a trumpet mouthpiece can get a truly terrifying sound from it, though.
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[ profile] gerald_duck asked about Judith's favourite music. Today she said her favourites are 'I can help' by Elvis and 'Rock-a-hula baby' by Elvis. So I think Elvis, as in so many situations, is the answer :) Now I'm trying to track down one compilation with both songs on, and not having a lot of luck. Any ideas, or should I just give up and buy the albums?

Last night

Apr. 1st, 2007 09:35 pm
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Last night [ profile] cjwatson, Jon and I went to Hitchin to see Huw Lloyd-Langton, Omnia Opera and Litmus.

The venue was very shiny - an upstairs club, with UV wall/ceiling hangings, all tribal patterns and stars. It was set out such that wherever you were was close to the stage, too.

First up was Huw. He was on really good form, playing his usual weirded out acoustic stuff - I rather liked his arhythmic version of Death of a Clown, for example, although Jon felt it was missing the point somewhat.

Colin and I came to the conclusion that you like Huw if you're already rooting for him, though.

Next up Omnia Opera. I had low expectations of this, and I am glad to say that they were compeletely overturned. They rocked with a capital SWOOSH. For those of you who don't know, Omnia Opera are a long defunct space-folk band. They play music that sounds like space rock, but is yer actual folk - all sex death and rebellion against the man. Very swirly skirt belly dancing hands. They were utterly in the zone, and they carried us with them. I would like to emphasise very much that they were EXCELLENT and you should have been there.

Litmus. Well, what can I say about Litmus, given that [ profile] martinlitmus might well be reading? Actually, they played a really good set. Because I live under a rock, I hadn't previously heard them play Needlegun, which is clearly an error on my part - fantastic.

Other than that, well, there was some needless noodling, which I find a bit boring, but then I'm not really the target audience, and the target audience loves needless noodling. Apart from that, all their own stuff appeared smooth and polished. Generally there was a lovely wall of swishing sound (misty stillness from wall to wall, as Omnia Opera might put it) enveloping us, and, again; you did good, lads.
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I've been trying to Audioscrobbler again, something I havne't done sinvce before the wedding, and it's not really working. I don't have any buttons. No 'I like this/I hate this/I'm not in the mood' no pause, nothing. It doesn't help that the wireless is dodgy so it keeps cutting out anyway. What can I do?

I'm running Edubuntu, in case that helps.

At least the laptop has a left speaker and a right speaker, unlike anything else in the house.
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In a spirit of exchange of ideas, Benedict and his teacher did a sort of musical exchange. Ronan listened to some Clutch and he played us some Death Cab for Cutie. I like them well enough, but something's bothering me - who do they remind me of?


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