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Yesterday at 11am, Judith asked if she could take Spanish classes. I muttered something affirmative, she said great, here's Jasper's mum, she organises them, talk to her, by the way it's tomorrow at 10am. So in the afternoon, Judith was excited.
"Benedict, I'm going to take Spanish classes!"

Andreas heard, and said "I already speak Spanish!" before approaching B and greeting him "Bonjour, mon frère."
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Andreas: Some zombies live in the sky. They fly through the window and eat meat.
Me: No, that's flies
Andreas: Oh. But they're *like* zombies
Judith: And mosquitoes are vampires, they eat blood from live humans
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Dear all, we're looking for personal recommendations for a(n Android) tablet for Judith.

I'm a little inclined to just get a Nexus, which works reasonably well, but the 7 is impossible to get fixed and the 9 is more expensive and probably too big, she's only got little hands.

We don't think we want a thing that's really a phone, although if you have ideas as to why that's best, we'd like to hear them.

Which recommends Asus MEMO Pad 7 ME572C which seems like a Nexus with the numbers filed off. (Also a bunch of stuff that seems irrelevant.) That's a possibility.

So, please, give us your words of advice and wisdom - either for places to start or for exact devices.
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Judith wants to learn trombone. We have a trombone in the house, but her mouth and hands are quite small, and she can't really play anything lower than a concert Bb below middle C. Is my best course of action to buy her a cheap cornet and then if she wants to move instruments later on, she can?

(Or I could just go with a teeny tiny trombone.)
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Judith has a much loved Disney storybook, half of which is given over to a story about a picnic planned by Minnie but executed by all of the super six.

There has been much talk about all 55 pages of that story, and much reading, and today, we finally made the meal described ourselves: hotdogs in buns with ketchup and mustard, corn on the cob, lemonade and fruit salad. There's not a lot of preparation in the mains, and I mostly did that, but the fruit salad and lemonade are explained in detail, and the lemonade in particular is a bit more work.

The fruit salad is blueberries, watermelon and pineapple, I did the chopping, she did the mixing, and it was much appreciated.

The lemonade contains both lemon and lime juice, and also cocktail cherries, which was a surprisingly good idea, I'm not sure it will ever be a regular feature on our table, but it was delicious.(ALso, another new recipe for me, so if I run out of ideas by day 7, might get counted in 7 days, 7 recipes challenge, even though it's a bit cheaty as Judith did the work.)
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There's a song that we sometimes sing at children's liturgy at church. Today being Christ the King, we sang it, and it reminded me of the words Judith used, which I rather prefer:

Who's the king of rock'n'roll, Re[*]?
Who's the king of space?
Who's the king of Mickey Mouse[**]
And who's the king of me?

I'll tell you:
He's the king of me
He's the king of rock'n'roll
and Mickey Mouse and space

[*] Her name for Andreas
[**] In case you, like me, thought Mickey Mouse was Jewish, apparently Disney have always been careful not to be too firm on the subject of his religion

(It's usually the jungle, sea, universe and me, in case you are lucky enough not to have encountered the song, and were wondering.)
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Do any of you know where I can get a dress like this?

I mean, I could make one myself out of tshirts, but I'm not good at sewing machines so it would be hand sewn which takes ages.
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"Hannah and Hannah's mum and me went to the zoo. We saw giraffes and tigers and lynx and bats and those things that are a bit like dinosaurs and they go hop hop"
After some thought we worked out she meant rabbits.

Edit In case you, like we, were wondering how a rabbit is like a dinosaur "because T Rex will bite them both".
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On wednesday, I made cauliflower cheese. Judith nibbled hers and then said 'I want a clean one please'.

On thursday, I made sausages. I misheard something she said, and gave her two sausages instead of one. She said 'I want one sausage, you gave me two sausage' pause for thought 'you give me one no sausage'.

Today, Judith cooked. We haven't eaten it yet, but it smells good and I have every confidence it will be delicious.

Cashew curry with pineapple rice

Soak 200g cashews overnight (start with boiling water to cover)
Whisk 1tsp red curry paste[*] with 1 can coconut milk. Fry an onion (get your sous chef to do that if you're little). Tear up an assortment of veg, and mix all the ingredients together. Bake in the oven at 200degC or about 30 minutes.

Pineapple rice - she measured the rice, she chopped some pineapple (with her kitchen scissors) and we added juice and water until there was twice as much liquid as rice by volume.

I'm going to make rhubarb and mango smoothies to drink with it, too.

[*] I use bought at the moment, but when this is up, we'll probably make it up in advance.


Mar. 26th, 2012 12:59 pm
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Last time we went to the Pulley playpark was the first time Andreas went out in the pram.

I took lots of pictures but forgot to post them until we went back to the park today.

read more )

The weather today was a little different!

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I asked Judith what we should have for dinner and she said "I cook!" So I panicked a little and came up with a meal she could mostly do herself.

That's turkey nuggets and couscous. The couscous, I prepared the veg and stock, and she just mixed it all together. The nuggets were loosely based on this recipe:

1 cup breadcrumbs
1/2 cup seeds (we used pine nuts and fennel, but anything will do)
1/3 pack philadelphia or similar
1lb diced turkey

Mash your cream cheese. Mix the breadcrumbs and seeds. Rub a piece of turkey in the cream cheese then the breadcrumb mix. Bake at 180deg C for 25-30 minutes or until the turkey is cooked and the coating starts to brown.

Mine too!

Mar. 4th, 2012 03:50 pm
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Me: What's your favourite animal?
Judith: [Ele]phants. Oh, and I like mine baby too.
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Suddenly we're understanding a lot of new words, and it's really cool.

Yesterday at dinner, though, she told us a long, complicated story of which the only words I caught were 'tall' and 'Doctor Who', the latter was repeated several times. I thought she was saying she wanted to watch Doctor Who so I said I was too tired, and maybe another day. She fixed me with an icy stare and said 'No, *I* Doctor Who'. I wish I'd understood the rest of the story.
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[ profile] gerald_duck asked about Judith's favourite music. Today she said her favourites are 'I can help' by Elvis and 'Rock-a-hula baby' by Elvis. So I think Elvis, as in so many situations, is the answer :) Now I'm trying to track down one compilation with both songs on, and not having a lot of luck. Any ideas, or should I just give up and buy the albums?
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Discussing Mickey Mouse & friends...

Goofy's the coolest, Donald's the funniest, Minnie's the cleverest and Daisy is clever too, Mickey's the 'controller' (less sinister than it sounds, she means leader, and is thinking of the fat controller) but her favourite is Pluto. Why? Because he's yellow.

(Bonus information Chip and Dale are cute and very small.)

She's a little yellow centric at the moment.
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Judith today sang this song:

Weather frightful
Wellies dightful
Play again
Rain rain rain

or, to add the extra words (with a bit of artistic license in line 3):

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But my wellies are so delightful
I'm going to play again
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain
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'There were [counts] 9 pandas. The duck said "quack quack quack". They were driving in a car*, "kiss kiss kiss" past the mistletoe tree. The car was blue.'

*Although J said car, there was something with her feet, so I'm not sure she didn't mean bike or trike. My trike is blue, and we do go kiss kiss kiss past the mistletoe tree.
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Judith just brought me a bag of porridge oats.

"Do you want me to make you some porridge?"
"Do you know what porridge is?"
"What's porridge?"

Can't argue with that :)


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