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According to my list, today is the day when, if Judith wore one sleepsuit a day, she'd have worn them all. As it happens, she hasn't (and a couple were outgrown before she could wear them). She has worn all 29 vests, though (and the new ones she's been given as well).
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I am forced to admit that Colin may have some vestigial Northern Irish accent. This is because baby, who loves to listen to Daddy's voice, also gets excited by Granddad's voice at first. I think it gets confused by accent/timbre. Obviously Granddad's voice isn't as good as Daddy's, but it'll still elicit a lot of wriggling.

(Benedict's 'cello playing, otoh, gets a lot of rocking movements. Very cute.)
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So, I know I just counted all the clothes and decided baby doesn't need any more, but I'm not convinced that covers these booties:

especially as I have a lovely shiny blue yarn that would be perfect. I'd make them in the second size, and everything.

What do you think?
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I was thinking of aquanatal, but my usual swimming pool does them on a wednesday evening, when I am busy, and the other swimming pool which is half an hour's walk doesn't claim to do them at all (the Rosie's website begs to differ, but if I did do those it'd have to be once I was on maternity leave, unless my days change in September). My midwife suggested that NCT might do exercise classes[*], but the website is unforthcoming on the subject.

Do any of you lot have suggestions of good classes in the Cambridge area?

[*] or I might be confused, as she mentioned Birthlight antenatal classes (which look a bit hippy to me, I'll stick to NHS or NCT), and they do exercise classes. Including yoga less than ten minutes away from me.
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If baby is born at the same time as Benedict was, I'm halfway through my pregnancy.

That's quite scary, as we're nowhere near halfway through being ready. Happily, I also have more energy now, and 6 weeks at home to look forward to, so hopefully in that time I can make things ready.

I have bought a pram, which helps me feel more ready, and I'm doing some stuff every day, so hopefully...

Baby moves quite a lot now. It particularly moves when Benedict plays cello or Colin reads. It seems to prefer evening to morning.

All seems well.
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Last time, I bought the cheapest one and it didn't work very well; he swiftly became too heavy for me to carry him in it without my shoulders/back hurting.

What's a good sling/carrier for use for newborns? I think we're too nervous to use a plain wrap. I'm not entirely sure of my knots.


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