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On saturday, as I believe I mentioned, we had takeaway, so for breakfast today, I had takeaway omelette. No peas, mushrooms instead, and a little leftover chicken broth.

It's a great way to use up leftover egg fried rice (which we struggle to eat a whole portion of, but Colin likes it so we get it sometimes anyway), my goto for leftover rice is special fried, which is difficult to do when it's already fried! Only for me and baby, though, and for baby I'd leave out the soy sauce, as noone else likes omelettes (or at least, not with bits in).

I also discovered I was doing the whole challenge wrong in the first place! Not only was it meant to be seven new meals, there was a whole complicated choose 2 from list a and 1 from list b type system going on. So, I didn't do that, I only noticed at the end of my week! Ah well, it was fun.

This week is Farmhouse breakfast week. Well, it started yesterday, but I forgot. So you can look forward to another week of delicious blog posts.
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I was all set to make chicken pot pie (a dish I have never eaten, let alone made) when Colin suggested he would order takeaway. So I decided to go with that, and make the pie today. I actually have turkey, not chicken, and used different vegetables, but apart from that, I made this recipe. I used carrots, mushrooms and leeks, as I don't like peas and didn't have celery. It's a little bit faffy, but was really nice and Andreas in particular was very excited about it.

We had that with potatoes, carrots and broccoli (Judith's favourite veg)

Afterwards, sticky chocolate surprise pudding. This was one of those that's sponge on top and a custard underneath. Very chocolatey, and quite nice.
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Yesterday, I completely forgot the challenge in the morning and had a boring but functional and tasty English muffin with ham on one side and taramasalata & smoked salmon on the other. It was our day for the zoo, so I had a baked potato in the zoo cafe, and then pizza at home for tea. So today is catch up.

Fridays, we normally eat no meat. I fancied something with pickled walnuts, and my normal recipe for this feeling, pickled walnut & saffron pilaff wouldn't be new. So I googled, before finding nothing suitable and giving in, we had pasta with pickled walnut and cheese sauce:

Chop & sweat as many onions as you can be bothered (I used 3 onions). Now would be a good time to throw in random veg (I used a bulb of fennel) Add a spoonful of cornflour and a splash of milk, mix to a roux, then add about half a pint of milk. If you haven't lost your blender attachment, blend (well, that was my intention anyway). Add a boursin (I actually used President alternative, because Ocado suggested it as a cheaper option) and stir. Chop or crumble half a jar of pickled walnuts, and add those.

Judith doesn't eat sauce, that was about right for three adults and a baby (one of the adults is a teenager, but foodwise, same thing).

Then for pudding I made
chocolate caramel cake in a mug. It would have been better if I'd made them separately, rather than mixing 4x quantities and attempting to microwave them all at the same time. Also, if I'd had proper baking caramels, rather than just using elderly chocolate caramel sweets. I haven't managed to source salted baking caramels, they sound amazing so if you know where I can get some, or even tell me a brand name, I'd be very grateful.
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Again, today's is less of a recipe and more of a new way of combining things.

When I was pregnant, a lot of the other mums were going crazy over McMuffins. Well, I'm far too lazy to go out for breakfast, and I don't like McDonalds anyway, but I was thinking about that recently, and decided to have a go at something similar.

So, I did a bit of googling and it turns out the egg is baked. So, this is what I did:

Squash your sausage meat into a burger shape. Crack an egg into a ramekin and poke the yolk with the tip of a sharp knife or skewer. Pop in a hot oven for about 10 minutes. Grate some cheddar. 10 minutes in, toast an English muffin in the toaster.

Butter, then apply fillings in whatever order you wish. I went for cheese, sausage, egg, but I think sausage, egg, cheese might be more traditional? Also, any brown sauce or ketchup would go on before the fillings, I did not indulge.

I can't speak for how authentic it was, but the baking of the egg with the sausage made it low effort and although the egg didn't look like much (the yolk was brown and not at all runny, my usual preference), it was soft and cream.

Overall, delicious, would cook again (which is good, as I only used about a fifth of the sausage meat)
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I recently was pointed at the blog 'Dinner: A love story' where they're running a 'Seven Days, Seven Meals' challenge. Well, my children are picky and I don't feel that our dinners are in a rut (except when I cook only what J likes), but I love the idea of even more variety, so I'm not going to make seven totally new dinners, but I am going to try to make 7 new recipes in a week.

Today was day 1, and as the beginning, I'm told, is a very good place to start, that's what I did. With breakfast and this list of 18 snacks you can make in a mug in the microwave.

Coffee cup quiche for breakfast. Well, it was nice, and I do like to eat eggs for breakfast (and that was my resolution way back at the beginning of December - more protein, less starch at breakfast). It sort of felt a bit of a cheaty new recipe though, more like scrambled eggs with cheese and ham, done in the microwave, which I don't do often, and the bread didn't make it feel like quiche. Perhaps I should have added more milk to give it more of a custard texture.

Anyway, it was a nice reminder.


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