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I tried out one of those 'we send you the ingredients and recipes and you don't have to think about it' boxes, Hello Fresh recently, and I quite liked the food, and the less confident cooks in the family like that they don't feel they need my assistance as much to try new things. Now I've got four codes for free boxes for other people if you'd like a go? I have to give them your email address, and then you probably have ot sign up then cancel, that's how my introductory offer worked. Except we decided not to cancel, but rather to only have the deliveries we were interested in.

So, for example, I didn't bother the week that included pesto (which I normally make myself but no blender atm), stir fry and enchiladas, because it's too similar to what I normally cook; this week's is freekeh salad, paella, and aubergine and paneer curry, which I'm mostly getting because I've never had freekeh before (apparently it's a wheat or wheat relative?), and Colin was excited about the veggie paella. Aubergine and paneer curry is pretty similar to what I might cook except I actually haven't done a cheesy curry for ages.

Anyway, if you want one, lmk and I'll send you a voucher in your email.
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In a quest to eat more vegetables and generally feel healthier, I've been following a thirteen step plan. Yesterday's step was to eat a vegetable I hadn't tried before, which is remarkable difficult. But I took me to the local Asian grocers and picked a thing, which looked like a cross between a cucumber and a star fruit. Sadly the inside is circular so no awesome star shaped slices.

On some investigation, it turned out the label it was with, 'turia' is a less common name for the veg than ridged skin luffa, so I found some recipes including this bhaji recipe. The vegetable soaks up flavours like a loofah, which is partly the reason for the name, and has a great texture. I might buy again, but that was a bit too hot for me so if I make that recipe again, I'll use fewer spices.
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So, on wednesday I resumed cook book project. I used Nicola Graimes' Vegan Cooking.

Here's what happened when Kake did this book.

I, however, made Pilaff of Saffron and Pickled Walnuts with Warm Vegetable Salad and Peanut Sauce, followed by Pears with Star Anise and Ginger.

The Pilaff was *wonderful* and I shall certainly be making it again. I think the saffron didn;t add that much, so I might leave it out (or use turmeric) in future. The salad was OK, but the peanut sauce was too hot, and if I make it again I'll leave out the chili. The pears were nice, but not particularly special. Maybe if I'd turned the poaching sauce into chocolate sauce it would have worked better.

I do like the book rather a lot, though.
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So, we decided to do the cookbook project that [ profile] nou_cooks does. So, Colin chose a book, the 'BBC Good Food Let's Cook 52 Simple Suppers'. Due to a surprise (but very welcome) dinner invitation from [ profile] libellum, we ended up having the pudding yesterday and the dinner today.

Anyway, it was:

Orange Crumb Salmon (Salmon fillets topped with a breadcrumb mix and roaasted. The breadcrumb mix is breadcrumbs, olive oil, orange zest and parsley. It has a sauce of mayonnaise thinned with orange juice and more parsley. I forgot to buy mustard powder, so had to use English mustard from a jar, and the mayo was a bit mustardy, but never mind.)
Warm potato and broccoli salad (potatoes and broccoli parboiled, fried with an onion, and then a dressing of oil, mustard and white wine vinegar, with crispy bacon stirred in.

Lemon curd brulee (Cream and lemon curd, bruleed)

All the dishes were very nice, and I'll probably make them all again; the salmon recipe would probably work with chicken fillets instead of salmon.


Sep. 24th, 2005 09:35 am
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Our veg box man brought me a bag of radishes. Don't get me wrong, I like radishes, but... what do I do with a whole bag of them?
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[ profile] terryfish fed me some lovely Thai sweet potato stir-fry.

My usual attempt to sweet potatoes is to fry them with cinnamon and raisins and various other spices (depending on my mood). I've also had good results from roasting them with butter, demerara sugar, salt, pepper and sage (also works on 'normal' potatoes).

How do you eat yours?
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Last night's dinner was fried chicken, mushrooms and bacon with leeks sauteed in butter and glazed root vegetables )

For pudding, we had peach croustade from the Godd Housekeeping Cookery Club Desserts book. A fairly simple pie - peaches cooked in brandy and sugar, and then baked in a filo crust. It was.. interesting. I'm not sure I'll make it again.


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