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I've been getting parcels from Bobcat in a box for about 6 months now, and they're still making me smile. There have been a few misses recenty, which make me wonder whether it's time to take a break. Like I'd do better doing a search occasionally myself on my keywords and choosing a thing. But I do like the surprise element. For now, I've turned down the amount of money I give it/the amount of stuff it buys.

That's always the thing that attracts me to these surprise boxes, and the thing that makes me give up. For the children, who had first a periodic art box and then a periodic science box once we'd had all the art boxes they do, I pick something from their wishlist about once a month and send it to them.

I sort of want a thing where I set a budget and then someone buys a random thing from my wishlist for that much or averaging to that much or something, so that I can get both the surprise and the little things that I would probably buy if my little thing budget didn't go to bobcat. That's not a thing that would work, is it?
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I'm getting a package every couple of days now. My most recent was a cute little screwdriver set but I can't remember where I put it. Been a while since I showed you anyway, so I thought I'd gather a selection.

There's an art postcard, a couple of necklaces, a bracelet, some stickers, a gyoza maker, some heart shaped stones with words painted on, and a small snail for clipping your teabag string to your mug.

Or I suppose it could just sit on the side like this:

Rest of life:
Reading: still Oz Reimagined
Watching: Colin and I watched Once Upon a Time and Judith and I are watching our way through Hannah Montana. Love that mummy/Judith time.
Making: Lace fingerless gloves for a knit along and simple crochet hat for when I need something with less concentration (also a crochet along)
Eating: bratwurst, mashed potatoes and carrots and Apple sauce last night. I've a sweet potato and black bean casserole from the box for tonight which will be more interesting but I haven't tried it yet.
Playing: introduced the littles to Cat Boxes, quite successfully. Andreas is really into Blokus at the moment.
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I'm getting bobcats very frequently now. This week I received three art postcards, a sheet of emoji stickers and a decide for squeezing spots. I feel I'm reaching saturation point for art postcards (the back is entirely used), so I've narrowed the keywords to give me hopefully mostly a mixture of kitchen stuff and jewelry, that will take a while to kick in as there's already stuff in its way to me, but I'll see how it goes.


Dec. 19th, 2016 07:19 pm
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My most recent surprise package was a tiny Russian doll charm. So I ordered a bracelet for it to go on, and very lovely it is too.

I'm thinking of, in a little while, narrowing my keywords so I mostly get jewelry and a little kitchen equipment/toys. I'm enjoying the random at the moment though.


Dec. 9th, 2016 02:26 pm
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I'm not sure what this one is. It's a set of circles held together with a spring in the middle so they either align or don't, and the envelope said "Camp Kit". Is it for holding guy ropes?


Dec. 7th, 2016 07:42 pm
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Today's surprise present was a pack of nail stickers. 1 per finger, floral pattern. They look to be more like temporary tattoos than the kind I've used before, so I might use them for art rather than actually as intended.

That's my toy bobcat, Alice, who I wob in a bobcat-related competition, holding the spoils.

I think this is the one which was keyword 'random'.
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I mentioned before that I signed up to

Other people on the internet mentioned it took about a month for their first item to arrive, and it was 4 weeks for me. I added a ton of keywords (which took 3 days from sign up to being able to log in and do that). 

Here is my first item, an 8" toy plesiosaur.

I think that's a good start.

I think this had a keyword 'dinosaur' which makes sense.
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[ profile] marnanel mentioned recently that Bobcat in a box, a service based on an XKCD cartoon, which buys cheap things on ebay and sends them as a surprise. I haven't given it any keywords yet,but I intend to give it quite a few so I'm more likely to get things I like while still being surprising.

If I post about the things I get here, is that of interest to you? Or should I only post if I get a bobcat?

Update: I just got my login/setup email! This is where I add keywords, and then tomorrow the bot buys its first thing for me. Note for others: it took 3 days for my email to arrive and the keywords are select-from-a-list rather than write in. Sadly, 'bobcat' is only on the negative list, so I'm going to email and ask if I can have it added to my positive keywords. I've chosen a gazillion keywords (the more keywords the more random it is - unless you have no keywords at all - because it's an OR not an AND so it could be from any one of the keywords) and just a couple of negative keywords (because I don't want Nestle, or anything sex-related).


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