Sep. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
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On Wednesdays we are out all day, so I make packed lunches. Except tomorrow, because this evening I put a bunch of stuff on the table (including a roast chicken and a bowl of boiled eggs) and the children made their own.

Judith has chicken, carrot sticks, dried mango, rice cakes, crisps, mini cinnamon rolls and jelly. Andreas has eggs, carrot sticks, dried mango, bread (plain), fruit winder, crisps and jelly. It'll do. (I've got sushi rice, eggs, chicken, mixed chopped veg and hummous, some mixed dried fruit and jelly.) We'll all drink water.

In other news we watched Toast, the autobiography of Nigel Slater, yesterday. It actually just covers the first half of the book, his childhood, and I was touched by how sympathetically it portrayed even the people he didn't really like, I'd recommend it whether or not you read the book.
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Last night, I made some nice rice which I thought I should share. Fry garlic and onions (I used spring onions because they needed up but you get the idea), add some rice and harissa powder until translucent, then add veg stock, raisins, flaked almonds, saffron and a tin of chickpeas.

The list )
2. A song you like with a number in it.

The first song that comes up whenever I press 'random play' is 1,2,3,4 by 이하이 (Lee Hi) so I listen to it a lot. It's a nice bouncy pop song, I hope you like it too.

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Today I noticed that I missed some Jerusalem artichokes when harvesting last year, and they have turned into new plants. This is not unexpected but is still pleasing. Last year I harvested exactly one dinner's worth of veg, from half our growing space.

What was unexpected is that both the birds and I missed a raspberry, so I have a tiny baby raspberry, which brings me up to 6 again. But Andreas did some weeding and I have fewer pepper plants than I did before he did that. So we've talked about how he needs to get me to supervise before he does that, he just forgot.
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Aldi has chili and pepper plants in their specials this week, and add I've had good experiences growing chili, I thought I'd give both a chance. They said transfer asap, so Judith and I did that this afternoon and I thought maybe it was time for one of these posts again. So.

6 chilis, 6 bell peppers.
2 clumps of chives
1 rosemary. My rosemary was stolen last year at mother's day but not this year!
2 strawberry plants, I think I might plant some more later.
5 raspberry canes
2 redcurrants
1 blueberry
1 blackcurrant
1 jostaberry
1 miniature fig
1 tiny almond, with blossom!
1 Mirabelle tree, blossom in by bud.

I was thinking of planting lateral thyme or chamomile to fill the gap between the big things, too.
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Monday morning means Emerald City, which is Oz for grownups. It's based on not just the first book, but subsequent books, and I'm less familiar with those. I think there's some new stuff thrown in, and certainly I can think of at least one character where they've amalgamated two and I'm pretty certain they were separate in the book. But it's gripping, I'm loving it.
Content note: there's a trans* kid who gets forced off his meds. It's so emotionally hard, and that's the point, to show how he really needs that help.

I'm reading Magic for Nothing by Seanan McGuire, which is the latest InCryptid and told from Antimony's perspective. Lots of roller derby and lots of fun. Also Taking the Village Online which if you like academic parenting books, you might be interested in, but otherwise, maybe not? IDK.

Playing: Colin just got the Ghostbusters boardgame so we haven't played that yet but it's our next plan. I haven't been playing so many games recently though.

Also, yesterday I made blackbean enchiladas which made Colin happy, and Jack cooked for me so that made me happy. A nice salsa though, finely chopped onion, tomatoes, mixed salad leaves, lime juice and a lot of pepper. And lime and black pepper soured cream, I normally just offer plain soured cream or yoghurt, but that was a good plan. Also in recent menu, mixed nuts fried with rice wine and rice vinegar, they were really good.
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It's a month since I gave up being vegetarian, and I feel so much better! From constant pins and needles, to only sometimes but still every day took a couple of days, and then from about a week in, I've had nothing like that. My legs hurting so much I cried myself to sleep went straight I started eating meat; within a day, my legs didn't hurt. My sleep pattern has gone from 2 nights of 5 hour and 1 of 8 to mostly 8 hours sleep a night, and I'm associatedly less exhausted, dizzy etc.

Apparently - and this is something I didn't really internalise at the time - most vegetarians don't have constant pins and needles/numbness. I'tsn ot just that I'm a wuss, it really was unhealthy.

I even managed to have a day or two of no meat without sliding back, so I'm hopeful that I'll be OK to go back to how I was before (although even before I ever went vegetarian, when I ate meat most days, I was starting to choose vegetarian by default when eating out etc, and I have three vegetarian partners, so it's easier to make family meals mostly veggies).


Aug. 30th, 2016 11:35 am
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Yesterday I made a dinner so nice Jack wrote it down. So I figured that I'd give you a 'here was my day' post even though I haven't written up Spain.

I almost finished Fortress Frontier by Myke Cole and had to leave Sailing to Serantium by Guy Gavriel Kay at a particularly exciting point, so quite a frustrating book day. Both excellent in very different ways - and there was a point where about 6 or 7 train journeys in a row featured a pretty woman reading Kay as one of my fellow passengers (not the same woman) so I assume that reading Kay makes me more attractive?

Tom and the littles and I played Splendor, which is a resource management game - Andreas is an interesting person to play with, because he wants to stockpile rather than manage his resources. At the end of the game, Tom won but Judith and I were both within a turn of winning so pretty well balanced I think.

Dinner was pasta with broccoli (because our cauliflower had gone off) and cheese sauce; pasta and broccoli cooked separately because the children don't eat sauce (they had cheese with it, and we also had baby sweetcorn with it). This particular cheese sauce, I melted some butter and fried some mushrooms (I meant to add onions and garlic here but forgot), then added a spoon of mustard, stirred well, and added a splash of milk several times stirring well, then a generous dash so the mushrooms were all covered, maybe a pint and a half in total? At this point I added fresh sweetcorn kernels (just sliced off the cob) and a lot of grated chededar and grana padana, and kept stirring until it thickened. Mixed it into the pasta and broccoli, then grated more cheddar on the plates when iut was finished.

After dinner we played Princess cupcakes game, which is a child-aimed game where you have to build your princess' cake before the time runs out. Andreas is very enthusiastic about this game :) And then Transformers Shuffle, which is a nice battle card game, a good family game and you can play it on the tray tables on aeroplanes, which is what I was hoping when I bought it at the airport :) It also isn't all about turn taking ,everyone plays on every turn, so might be good for more impatient players?
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In an effort to eat more nuts, I made this potato and cashew curry and lo it was good.

Do you have other good nut recipes? Will you please share?
Sweet or savoury, I don't mind. I promise to try it but reserve the right to substitute ingredients if the recipe you find is full of stuff I don't like/can't eat.

I'm still looking for a good pecan pie recipe, so if you've got one of those I'd love to hear it.


Sep. 27th, 2011 08:05 pm
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Today I had enough brains to cook but not enough to think about cooking. So I looked at my open tabs and came up with a rather tasty meal.

Oven fried chicken
I used too much buttermilk, and it was a bit less crisp than those looked, but was v. tasty. Oh, and I added some sumac to the breadcrumb mixture.

Sweet pepper and onion confit as recommended by [ profile] venta.
I didn't add salt, but did add a splash of sake and a splash of worcester sauce. B didn't want to eat the onion, saying that he finds onions sour, but admitted when he tried it that it was nice, and also quite sweet.

I also made potato wedges, but I forgot, I thought that I normally undercooked them so went for a longer cooking time, but they ended up burnt.

I made enough chicken and veg to go in B's lunchbox tomorrow, he's also having rice, and for dessert, a slice of malt loaf and some raspberries.


Aug. 11th, 2011 01:04 pm
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Dear lazyweb, how bad is it to eat oysters out of season?

Do they taste bad/have more chance of giving you nasty diseases, or is it more likely to deplete the stocks of oysters?

I've been seeing a lot of po'boys lately and I could really go for one right now, do I have to wait for september or are those days long gone?
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Judith was pretty 'depat' (desperate) for 'sparag' (asparagus) today. She asked me before we went out, again in the shop (choosing which bunch she wanted) and again when we were discussing what else to eat. I wonder whether she'll actually eat it.
(We're having rosemary roast potatoes (her choice, but could be any of ours) and chicken nuggets (mine) as well.)

Update I was right, she only ate chicken.
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Sweet potatoes with marshmallows get a lot of passing references in entertainment, so when I was over in the US I quizzed [ profile] mstangledwebs and [ profile] dawaterrat about their usage. You see, I'd been thinking dessert, but the recipes I looked up tended to say casserole.

Well, having got my answer that they're mainly used as a side for your main, I tried it out. We had fried turkey with milk gravy, roast veg, and sweet potato with marshmallows. I halved the amount of sugar the recipe said, and used about quarter of the marshmallows, and it was still much too sweet for that portion of the dinner, to my tastes. I might add some marshmallows to sweet potato pie for a pudding, but I'll stick to roast, chipped, stewed, curried or Madhur Jaffrie's version with cinnamon and raisins for savoury.


Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:59 pm
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For Benedict's birthday. we had Harry Potter tea with R & J. While I was looking for examples of food from the books, I read a lot of articles talking about lack of veg. Yes, it doesn't feature a lot - I'm sure it's offered, but not talked about, given the sort of meals they have, I imagine cabbage, carrots, broccoli, maybe cauliflower cheese occasionally... meat and two veg. Also, a lot of people complain that there's no fresh fruit at breakfast. Which made me wonder, who eats fruit for breakfast? I'm vaguely aware that some people have grapefruit, and then there are babies of course, but is it more widespread than that?

(Yesterday Judith ate her own bowl of cereal, half of my bowl of cereal and a pear. I had half a bowl of cereal.)

[Poll #1554824]
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Here's a list of food. Ones I've eaten are bolded, ones I wouldn't eat are struck through, and ones I've eaten and wouldn't again, both. The rest are foods you should make an effort to feed me :)

text )
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This is the cake I made for Colin for St Joseph's day (19th March, but we celebrated early to avoid Holy Week):

picture )

These are my coloured eggs this year:
picture )
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Today my shopping list was: melon, matches, milk, mars bars... and toilet paper. But I forgot the toilet paper and bought mushrooms instead so that's OK (actually, I forgot the matches too. Oops).

Tomorrow I planned to pack a lunch and take the dog to Clay lake, but Benedict has sports day and wants me to go and watch. I reckon I can do both.

This Cactus, lime & apple juice (Tymbark brand) is very good. We must get some more. Also, Mountain Dew (available on import at the Naz) is still lovely.

Making extra pasta sauce and saving some for microwaved potatoes the next day is also a winner.

The Forbidden Kingdom - good hair on the blonde.

Sound Mind, by Tricia Walker - I'm not sure about this book, and I'm two thirds of the way through. Maybe that's because it's a sequel, which I only just discovered. (Our local library seems to specialise in sequels or third parts of trilogies, but no first part. Annoying.)

Our school trip to Felixstowe was excellent as ever, the weather was really good (it was only when we got back to Cambridge that the rain started) and very relaxing. I'm really glad we go on the trip. (Basically, each class colonises a section of beach and stays there all day. If it's very windy/the teacher is very energetic, then they may move onto a nearby park (as in, ten seconds walk) for lunch. Apart from that, toilets and ice-creams (both readily available) are the only reason to leave the beach until home time)

Finally, a poll about cake )


Dec. 23rd, 2007 02:55 pm
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Due to a massive lapse in communication and general faff, we're not planning on having Christmas Dinner until later. I still wanted to make something nice, and I found what looked like a really good recipe for roast pork with a cranberry topping.

I can't find the recipe now! So, do any of you have favoured online recipes for pork with cranberry topping? Otherwise, I'm reasonably happy to wing it.
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Not complex stuff - orange pepper rolls - but given that even then they looked wonky and I forgot the ginger/soy sauce (neither Colin nor I actually like wasabi that much, so I didn't bother to buy any).

So, tell me your preferred sushi fillings/books/websites. I feel a lot of experimenting coming on!


Mar. 21st, 2007 08:34 am
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Also, last night we ate our dinner at Chiquito, a Mexican restaurant at the Leisure Park. Very teh yum; but we ate too much for pudding :( We had nachos - I think they're aimed at a larger group than two - but very crisp and lovely, with just the right amount of cheese and heat, a lovely creamy guacamole, a very tasty salsa and sour cream. Then I had swordfish in an orange juice glaze, served with black bean salsa, sour cream and garlic mash. On its own, the swordfish was pleasant - with the salsa and soured cream it was sublime. Colin had chicken pablano quesadilla, and the sauce was very fruity and rich and delicious, but I couldn't try it properly because of the not-eating-meat thing. We are definitely going back when I can eat meat - and also maybe not having a starter next time, because the desserts look fabulous.
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The man likes, the child not so much.

We had tortillas filled with a mix of: red berries with sugar and mixed spice,
kiwi fruit
plain yoghurt
grated chocolate

I meant to have sliced bananas too, but forgot and ate the banana I was saving <blush>

And of course, we filled our own at the table, not preprepared. It was easy, and fun, and tasted great. it was also messy, which is what littl'un didn't like.


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