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Now we have two new games - Ghostbusters, which is also a campaigny game but a bit less long term and the littles are more enthusiastic about it, and Atlantis, which is a game lots of people may age played while I was playing Labyrinth and Fang Den Hut and other games whose English name I didn't know. I played a lot of Cluedo and Risk, too. Fang den Hut is sort of like a better balanced Ludo. Often it comes down to the last turn before it's obvious who wins, which I like, but it is mostly chasing players around the board trying to capture their pieces. Wikipedia says its English name is Coppit. Labyrinth is called that in English too.


Jan. 8th, 2017 07:56 pm
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For some stupid reason I tend not to talk about presents on here - fear of sounding like I'm boasting maybe? Or worry that I leave someone out? SO I didn't mention the super awesome presents I've been given recently. Like the molecular gastronomy kit, or the tattoo voucher (photos when I get it done), or the leaf-shaped peridot necklace (not usually a stone I like, but it's perfect for the setting), or the pBuzz (cross between a vuvuzela and a swanee whistle) or the Nessie ladles. I did mention Top Dogs, which is a game so perfectly matched to Judith's strengths that it's a joy to lose to her.

Speaking of a game matched to strengths, we now have Pandemic Legacy. It's like Pandemic - cure diseases, save the world - but it comes with a plethora of secret boxes and evil advent calendars (er, I mean dossiers) and stickers, and as you win or lose your way through in-game months the state of the world shifts and the rules change. Colin & Rachel have a theory that the skills needed for both parenting and cooking are the same skills as for Pandemic - get everyone where they need to be with everything they need at the right time, and if you don't quite manage it, improvise a replacement. That could be. I'm not always good at that, but we nrmally manage to muddle through anyway. We're also really good at compromise and cooperation, which is definitely needed.

We just played April - there are 12 months, each of which you play once, if you win you move to the next 'month', if you lose, you play the month once more before moving on. It seems like the sort of game that's good to talk about while everything's fresh, but also, everything's secret, so I'm putting it behind a spoiler cut.
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