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So maybe it was never posted here, but if it was, I'm posting it again.

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I can't believe how beautiful she is.

Photos later.
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I shall talk about Denmark at great length later, but first I have something else to say. When we got back, there was a parcel waiting for me from my Secret Pal! He (or she) has made lots of extremely pretty things fro Kirsten; a bonnet, a shawl and some underwear.

The bonnet is blue with tiny white hearts on, a gorgeous colour, and is, well, shaped like a pioneer bonnet :) It's lovely. The front part, that shades her face, is slightly stiffer, through being a double thickness, and the strings are the same material. The shawl is beautifully crocheted out of a mauve/blue mercerised cotton, in a wide flower pattern, triangular, with a tassel at the bottom. It's a lot like a black one which I wear myself in spring/summer evenings, except for being a prettier colour.

The underwear is made of broderie anglais. There is a camisole, with a bow at the nexk, and ruffles and pin tucks (is that the right word? When there are pleats down the front), and pantaloons, and a petticoat. Everything is so beautifully cut, so the pattern falls just right, and the pantaloons are elasticated at the cuffs, with a little ruffle below, and the petticoat has layers of ruffles, and.... exquisite.

All absolutely lovely, and Secret Pal is very clever indeed.

furthermore, and in addition, there was licorice! to show quite how on the nail she (or he) is, it's the same as I brought home from Denmark :) So now I have twice as much; yum!

It's all utterly, utterly beautiful; I can't stress that enough. And it came beautifully wrapped in purple with silver stars, and a note and everything.

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It is sooooo cute.

However, I bought it four days after I bought Kirsten, and she is not here yet. If she doesn;t come today, she can't come to Denmark with us...

Also, it has a black belt, and so she needs a lower belt. Benedict says I should start her off on white belt, but I was thinking maybe put her two grades below me, and move her up with me. That would make her a red belt (I'm yellow atm, and in our style it goes in rainbow order.)
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Kirsten's bracelet and cookbook both arrived today! The bracelet is extremely cute and very well made - I'm very happy with it.

The cookbook requires more perusal and trying out, but the recipes are well chosen, and there aqre lots of historical anecdotes and so on to place the food in context. I definitely want the others (particularly Addy's, Addy is so lovely) now. And the craft books. (Kirsten's craft book costs 5p on amazon marketplace, but then shipping from the US as well....hmm...)


Mar. 28th, 2007 08:39 pm
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I just realised that my poor doll isn't going to have any underwear! (The picture shows her in bloomers, but the description doesn't say that they come with.)

A quick ebay search reveals thismight not be work-safe, do you think it will help?

No, me neither.

Update: I checked, and she will have bloomers


Mar. 25th, 2007 08:11 pm
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My first finished crochet item which isn't basically an overgrown granny square!

I made this hood for my new doll. I'm no making mittens to match, but my thumb has started to ache, so I think I'll stop for today.

Pictures when she arrives, and is wearing them :)
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...I won my Kirsten doll! Hurray!

doll geeky details and pictures )


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