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Judith is in her bedroom with Addy, showing her her sticker collection. This is especially nice for me, as it used to be my sticker collection, and Judith seems to have gladly inherited it.

She's asked for every doll in turn, gone through pointing out their similarities to her, kissed them, and asked me to put them back. She's so careful, it's lovely.

The similarities are: doll has hair, Judith has hair, doll has toes, Judith has toes, doll has knees, Judith has knees, doll has skin, Judith has skin, doll has chest, Judith has chest. It's amazing, all 4 dolls are exactly like Judith.
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I've said a lot of things in the past about how I didn't see how it would ever make sense to buy a four year old an American Girl doll. They're really expensive items, that need to be cared for properly, not just played with roughly. However, obviously we have some around. They live on top of the bookshelf, out of Judith's reach. Sometimes, she asks to get one down. I was utterly shocked when I saw Colin had taken Kirsten down for her, but I didn't say anything, just watched. She was so gentle, just hugged her, stroked her hair, and held her hand. Since then she's had Kirsten a couple of times, and also Kit. Each time, she's asked specifically (and she can say Kirsten and Kit now*). She plays for a while, then when she's finished, she asks me to put her back.

She still needs supervision, but she's two. If she can be gentle like that now, I can see she might be trusted to be gentle (enough to have Kit in her room, say) in a couple of years. If J can, so can other children.

*Judith shows Kit to Colin.

Me: "Can you tell Daddy her name?"
J: "Daddy"
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you are made of MAGIC and also AWESOME and Kirsten and I are both very happy. Due to your extreme colour matching talent (and unusualy colour-spelling talent :) Kirsten now has a dress which looks wonderful with her bonnet (which came from a previous swap, not AG). Also, if you think Kirsten isn't always ripping her dress climbing over/under things (trees, rocks, caves, bears, lions) then you have a different Kirsten to me :)

So, um, Kirsten is very happy (see icon) and I am very happy and everyone is happy :) Thankyou very, very much.

Kirsten and Kirsten


May. 20th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Jane de Lacey is now available to buy online, at

The shop at isn't up yet, though.

It's crazy how much I want this doll; but then, she does come from Hengrave. I miss Hengrave.
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It's nice to leave the poor little Yanks in their bubbles, unmolested by clue-sticks, yes?

Elsie Dinsmore was the heroine of a set of books. Really boring books. They are generally held up as examples of how not to evangelise to children, because the lessons they teach can be summarised as 'Christianity is boring and will make you boring and unsufferable'.

A group of Christians (or, for all I know, pagans with a chip on their shoulder) has made a series of dolls called 'Life of Faith' They're hideous and freaky, and all about the evangelisation. Whatever.

I just found out that they're also based on the Elsie books.


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