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Of all the wonderful attributes of my partners - and they are many - today, and the arrival of my brother-out-law's recent book in the post, reminded me of an unexpected side effect. More siblings-out-law means more cinnamon balls*, more book recommendations and, due to the acquisition-by-poly of not one but two poets-out-law, more poetry! I am definitely happier for more poetry in my life, and the works of my particular poets-out-law so delightful that I'm definitely counting them as a blessing.

*probably only true if your partner is Bárli

HE blog

Jun. 17th, 2014 11:16 am
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I've been thinking for a while that what I want is a blog where I can upload a picture and a few words to go with our educational endeavours.  So, having mulled it over I've created a tumblr, and having created a tumblr, I've syndicated it to LiveJournal. You can read it here: [ profile] educatingwatson or here .
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Plz to notice, my husband not completely ugly, too


Feb. 18th, 2007 12:17 pm
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Recently, in a bid to encourage Benedict to eat more variety, I persuaded him to give new lunchbox items a try.

I found this website, which has different websites for five days a wek for four weeks, and he's choosing two or three from each week for four weeks.

This week is week one; this scheme has led me to make ham and pineapple pizzas for everyone to eat for their lunch tomorrow, and as a result,. there is also pineapple sorbet freezing. I like this scheme :)
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1. Decide on a destination.
2. Drive towards it for an hour.
3. Notice smoke emerging from the bonnet outside a petrol station.
4. Park outside the petrol station, phone breakdown services.
5. Buy burgers from petrol station while waiting for breakdown services.
6. Get driven home in a lorry with orange flashing lights.


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