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When the Kindles first came out and Colin was an enthusiastic subscriber, I had a go and didn't really get on with it. But recently, [personal profile] juliet mentioned that Kindle screens are different now, and I had another go and discovered that I quite like the kind he has. So he offered to buy me my own (because I could borrow his but what I mostly use the app for is situations that I don't know in advance that I'll definitely need a book or a magazine, and I'm guessing that's what I'll use the device for as well). It'll make packing for holiday significantly easier, too, as a large part of what goes in my bag is Enough Books.

Annoyingly, I seem to have lost my ability to read Lightspeed in organising this but that should be easy to fix.

Anyway, I kind of feel like I win at shopping. I needed to buy something from Argos, next door. So I ordered that on the way, then I went into Curry's to check which Kindle I wanted (because I wasn't sure) and ordered that from my phone, went next door to Argos and picked up my stuff, returned to Curry's and picked up that. There was a bit of a wait in Curry's, but only because there was no queue in Argos. Total waiting time less than five minutes. Curry's didn't have the case I wanted, so I ordered that from Amazon in the waiting time.
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Colin and I reached our ten year anniversary last year, and in rather delayed celebration, yesterday we went to Vanilla Black, a vegetarian restaurant in London.

It was easy to get to, just a short bus ride from Kings Cross, and beautiful and very friendly, and the food was delicious, exciting and beautiful. I came away inspired and happy.

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Oct. 6th, 2014 09:50 am
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I just found the two highest scoring poems from the first time [ profile] cjwatson and I played Genji.
Each scored ten points.

Except in Autumn
We are unable to meet
These maide flowers

Mists, I bid you to rise up
And keep the morning away

After the snowfall
On all the trees the flowers
Have burst into bloom

The waters in the light's thrall
Are become the first to freeze.

High art right there, I'm sure you'd agree.
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"Daddy no look like narwhal either"
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I am forced to admit that Colin may have some vestigial Northern Irish accent. This is because baby, who loves to listen to Daddy's voice, also gets excited by Granddad's voice at first. I think it gets confused by accent/timbre. Obviously Granddad's voice isn't as good as Daddy's, but it'll still elicit a lot of wriggling.

(Benedict's 'cello playing, otoh, gets a lot of rocking movements. Very cute.)
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I just had to answer the door to a postman. I wasn't expecting anything to need the door opening for, particularly not a big box with my name on it. (well, it's not that big, but about as big as my eee box)

Turns out to be chocolates from my lovely Colin, to celebrate that I'm eating chocolate again.

Thankyou darling :)
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I found the pattern again! I had a feeling it was called Donna, but searching for 'Donna free knitting pattern' just brought up the MagKnits pattern. Also, I wasn;t *that* sure of my ability to be right even when absolutely certain.

Plan of attack, then; finish B's jumper, mfinish C's, then maybe finish my cardigan r maybe make B another jumper. I should also finish the shawl I though I'd fnished then discovered I had another round of colours to do, because it was too short...


Nov. 20th, 2005 10:44 pm
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I wrote 5,055 words toay, and now I am tired. I didn't get to the recommended 35,000 words (I'm on 34,138. so could theoreticall get there by bedtime, but almost certainly won't) but I did pass my own goal (34,000) and am well ahead of targert (33,333). Now all I have to do is continue writing at least 1,667 words a day, and I've bee writing an average of 2,000 words a day since Col got back. Lovely Colin, he must be my muse or something.

Now, I have top get things ready for tomorrow and sleep and stuff.
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Me: I need new shoes.
Him: Ooh, yes, so you do. Actually, maybe I'd better get some, too.

It's the little things, you know?
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We're definitely on the home straits now. HURRAY!
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Well, that was a good way to save money :)

We went over to France on friday night, intending to sleep in Calais and buy wine the next day. Well, we ended up ion Beauvais, a lovely little town three hours from Calais... but the hotel staffwere amenable, the bed was comfortable, the coffee was good, and so was the shower.

Breakfast was, in fact, so good it deserves a second mention.

Then, we found a supermarket and bought a map and an Asterix book for Benedict and drove to Calais via an amusing service-station language mix-up incident (I blame [ profile] terryfish. In Calais wefound stuff and things and wondered for a bit, before going to a wine warehouse and buying lots of wine. Then we had dinner in a lovely Creperie (I had seafood and vegetables followed by lime ice cream, honey and flambeed vodka, and he had ham, cheese and creamy mushrooms followed by white cholocate sauce, vanilla ice cream and chantilly cream).

Then we drove back.

Lovely, and I am much less stressed than I was before we went, and we have saved money and got better quality stuff and general good things.
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Is it really sad that when [ profile] commlal mentioned the best geek accessory ever, my first thought was 'No, this is the best geek accessory ever?


Jun. 1st, 2005 02:46 pm
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[ profile] cjwatson and I have a house. It's a nice house. It has slightly more furniture than expected/advertised.

It's ours, for us to live in. (but not to own).


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