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Jul. 4th, 2007 06:11 pm
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I have a lovely package from my SP, which I keep squeeing about instead of posting!

She sent me a gorgeous crocheted boa, some panda liqourice, a cute black sheep purse and a beautiful ladybird knitting bag! This is so beautiful, all the ladybirds are so shiny, and the lining is so well chosen and there's a space for sock needles, and bits, and a lovely pull bit on the zipper, every detail is perfect. And did I mention it has shiny ladybirds on?

Of course, now the swap is over I might get to meet my pal; are you up for that? B and I can come down in the summer holidays, if you might be; he's been to Brighton but I haven't.
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Thankyou, secret pal, for my exciting package. No photos this time, because I started using everything straight away :)

I got:

A marathon bubble bar slice (from Lush)
A 'new' shampoo bar (from Lush); and now my hair is lovely again. Hurray!
Some gorgeous bamboo/wool sock yarn
a set of DPNs
Some beautiful stitch markers, in a lovely black/purple bag
I cast on for these with the above.
A really cute keyring with a mini sock blocker (perfect for doll socks!)

All very exciting and cheery, and the socks will be forthcoming later. Maybe I'll take a photo of them in progress, too :)


Now I need to send off my package... which is almost ready
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I shall talk about Denmark at great length later, but first I have something else to say. When we got back, there was a parcel waiting for me from my Secret Pal! He (or she) has made lots of extremely pretty things fro Kirsten; a bonnet, a shawl and some underwear.

The bonnet is blue with tiny white hearts on, a gorgeous colour, and is, well, shaped like a pioneer bonnet :) It's lovely. The front part, that shades her face, is slightly stiffer, through being a double thickness, and the strings are the same material. The shawl is beautifully crocheted out of a mauve/blue mercerised cotton, in a wide flower pattern, triangular, with a tassel at the bottom. It's a lot like a black one which I wear myself in spring/summer evenings, except for being a prettier colour.

The underwear is made of broderie anglais. There is a camisole, with a bow at the nexk, and ruffles and pin tucks (is that the right word? When there are pleats down the front), and pantaloons, and a petticoat. Everything is so beautifully cut, so the pattern falls just right, and the pantaloons are elasticated at the cuffs, with a little ruffle below, and the petticoat has layers of ruffles, and.... exquisite.

All absolutely lovely, and Secret Pal is very clever indeed.

furthermore, and in addition, there was licorice! to show quite how on the nail she (or he) is, it's the same as I brought home from Denmark :) So now I have twice as much; yum!

It's all utterly, utterly beautiful; I can't stress that enough. And it came beautifully wrapped in purple with silver stars, and a note and everything.

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How old were you when you learnt to knit? Who taught you?

I learnt to knit when I was seven. I started with a scarf for my teddy
bear, garter stitch, and changin colour every 10 or so rows. There were
ten stitches - most of the time - and I would sit down every so often,
knit another few rows, and despair at how uneven my tension was/how many
or few stitches I had, get my mother to fix it, an dput it away for a
while. It took me years to finish the scarf, and even when it was done,
it was only with help from an ufo of my Granny's (I've no idea what
she'd planned to do with it).

Funnily enough, my second project was a perfect doll's skirt, and from
there I went straight into lace and cable. The disparity between my
first several years' struggle and the ease with which I moved on never
ceases to amaze me.

My mother taught me to knit. She told me I could do it, that I could do
lace and cables and whatever I wanted. As a result, I did - she never
told me it was meant to be difficult, so I didn't find it difficult. I
really value that :)

Crochet is different. Apart from some giant granny squares, one for Jon's bed and one for ours which I am half way through, made from knitting scraps, I am teaching myself now. I bought the book 'The Happy Hooker' and that's great. I recently, as previously mentioned, made my first crocheted item from a pattern; pictures of that when I get the model :) Also, I shall make other things with other stitches, and so my crocheting skills will grow.
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I got my secret pal 10 sign up! We are go! I am so excited - I've done Secret Pal before, but not for a few years, and it was a blast then. I already have several ideas of things to send, and I'm going to have such fun with it.

Anyway, if you are my secret pal, and are despairing of how much I've written, the link at the bottom marked 'Secret Pal 10' will take you to a page of just stuff that's entirely relevant. I hope you have as much fun as I'm going to :)
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ICYI, the Secret Pal 10 blog is available at [livejournal.com profile] secretpal10

The questionnaire from Secret Pal 10 )


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