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I had a dream that Colin got me a dog for Christmas, a lovely brindled Staff cross. She had a broken leg, and he said that partly he got her because she'd be ready to go for walks at the same time I would be, but not before, and partly because noone else wanted a dog with a broken leg and she deserved some loving. She was an utterly sweet dog, it's true.

Anyway, I wanted to post something much less happy. I've been thinking about places that are accessible by wheelchair, for obvious reasons, and I am really very cross at firstly myself and secondly restaurants. I can't believe I've never noticed before how many restaurants you can wheel into, but then to get to the disabled toilets you have to squeeze between tables that are set too closely for a wheelchair to get down.

Hon. Mentions to Pizza Hut (the one on Newmarket Road, I think the one in town would be less good) and Yo! Sushi, both of whom have actually accessible toilets and seemed to consider a customer in a wheelchair as any other customer.

I'm OK, I can take my crutches and walk from table to toilet, but I'm not actually disabled.

Of course, there are probably problems for other places too, but I'm not getting out a lot. Presumably any shop I can't get round with the pram is not wheelchair accessible, but there aren't a lot of those. I hadn't previously even considered how difficult the tube is, because that's pretty easy with a pushchair. In fact, I love the tube as a woman alone with a baby/toddler, because people are generally really helpful. And trains! There are more now that have wheelchair spaces and no steps up than when I first started carting a baby around, but they're still not reliable.

How are disabled people even meant to get to work let alone do the work when they get there? I mean, we hear a lot about DLA cuts, so someone must have thought about that. Maybe we're going to have a public transport overhaul to make the DLA cuts feasible. Ooh look, a flying pig.

So you can see why I would be cross with myself for having known all this and just not thought about it, reliant on my mobile-privilege and not thinking of anyone else.
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She gets very agitated when we play Racing Demons, but not any other game (that I've noticed).

Also, she likes to stick her tongue in my ear when I'm on the phone.
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Colin bought me a lovely stuffed bear for Christmas. His name is Albert.

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