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For the first time in seventeen years. It was very exciting (for me, and Colin; I don't expect you to be excited).

It's a programme[*] that takes the name data for new babies, compares the registered-as-boy data to the registered-as-girl data and gives you an output of the names given to both boys and girls, in the order of most similar numbers. So it starts with the names given to equal numbers of boys and girls, and so on. I've just realised that what I really wanted is a ratio rather than absolute numbers, but I wrote absolute numbers. Which means that Bobbie (43 girls, 34 boys) looks the same as Kendal (13 girls, 4 boys), for example.

Anyway: here's some data. This is from England and Wales in 2011. I don't think 2012 is out yet.
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2012 data is out, here's the answer:
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[*]Do I have to settle on one spelling?
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If that's even the right word.

Judith recently asked to watch "A space film. Any film set in space." Our options were 2001; A Space Odyssey or Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. The former seemed unsuitable for Judith, the latter for the rest of us.

So, I said I would go through our Amazon wishlists and buy all the films set in space. Which turned out to be Space Buddies. If expanded to TV series as well, Space Buddies and the Clangers.

So, please recommend me some films set in space, suitable for family watching (ie, not mindnumbingly boring for adults).
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Judith was just writing a list of her favourite films/film series. They are:

HAry PoTr
Wrec Wr (Wreck-it-Ralph; W has four up strokes)

(at this point she gave up and asked me to write)

Incredible Hulk
Rise of the Guardians
Toy Story
Lady and the Tramp
A Very Goofy Movie
Mickey, Donald and Goofy; the three musketeers
Mickey's Once/Twice Upon a Christmas

Of those the only films we don't have are Wreck-it-Ralph, the Tinkerbell films, the Buddies films and A Very Goofy Movie. I'm also not sure whether we have Lady and the Tramp on DVD or video, and our video player is broken. I should ask B for a similar list, see whether he's as well provided for.
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It's got Whitney Houston, Whoopi Goldberg and the charmingest Prince Charming I've ever seen. Conversations like
"know how to treat a girl" "like a princess?" "No, like a person, with respect" definitely make this film a winner in my book.

Judith would just like to point out that there was lots of dancing. She didn't like it as much as I did.

Sh did love Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, which we watched on Sunday. In fact, her words at the end were 'Good. Again.'


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