Feb. 28th, 2017

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I've mostly been forgetting to read a lot lately. Colin an I watched Interstellar, which I found emotionally difficult but, apart from an unfortunate resemblance of one of the minor characters, not for any good reason. We all went to see Sing for Andreas' birthday, which was rather lovely. But books not so much. I put my short story collection down somewhere and don't remember where, which is a sign I should move on and come back to it later, but I keep forgetting to do that step.

Anyway, in February I read 5 books.

4 written by women
1 written by a man

Not sure on ethnicity of all the authors (whch is a thing we discussed last month as being not always obvious)

2 fantasy
1 poetry
1 slice of life
1 biography

which is also 3 aimed at adults and 2 aimed at children.

Apart from the biography - the story of Togo, the dog who was lead dog for most of the Nome serum run - which I read to Judith because we both wanted to read it - all of those were read before the 16th.


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