Sock Wars!

May. 2nd, 2008 08:07 pm
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Sorry for the short notice, but Sock Wars 3 is about to begin (I only just noticed myself).

More info here
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Then, for completeness, I made another sock.

I used this pattern, they were super quick (I cast on the first sock yesterday morning and am all done now) and used very little yarn. Also, I quite like wearing this style of sock.

So, a definite recommendation for the pattern, and I will almost certainly make them again. I'm going to make these, these and probably the cabled socks from the book One Skein first, though. Maybe also these, as I have the yarn all ready.
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I'm abvout to run out of yarn half way through the second sock in a pair. The socks are these.

I do not remember the name of the yarn, and the shop which sold it has closed down.

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I am currently half way through two pairs of socks. (One pair was waiting because I made a mistake and so needed elastic to see what the best fix was for, and wanted the second sock to match).

I dreamt a sock pattern the other day, which I shall knit up and see how it goes. That's for Colin (and I guess it could go to Knitty, but it might well just go on my chiark space, once written down.

Also, I have at least two patterns in my mental list (and am trying not to let my sock obsession take too much energy away from my non-sock knitting; I still hope to finish my dress today); I want to do the butterfly rib ones, and the ones in Magknits and I want socks with MOOSES on. Let's face it, we all want socks with MOOSES on.

Who knew that knitting socks would be so much fun?

ALso, I might buy some striping yarn to make the 'purl when ready' socks, but only one ball, and only when I've knitted the ones in my head already, because if I am good, then I am going to allow myself to buy lots of lovely 'Socks that Rock' yarn; merino sock wool in fabulous colours.

Ps why don't I have a socks icon? This seems wrong.
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My bagpuss socks have a hole in :( I need more Bagpuss socks, clearly.


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