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Yesterday at 11am, Judith asked if she could take Spanish classes. I muttered something affirmative, she said great, here's Jasper's mum, she organises them, talk to her, by the way it's tomorrow at 10am. So in the afternoon, Judith was excited.
"Benedict, I'm going to take Spanish classes!"

Andreas heard, and said "I already speak Spanish!" before approaching B and greeting him "Bonjour, mon frère."
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Andreas: Some zombies live in the sky. They fly through the window and eat meat.
Me: No, that's flies
Andreas: Oh. But they're *like* zombies
Judith: And mosquitoes are vampires, they eat blood from live humans
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"Hi, I'm from the dance party rescue service. Just like Bob the Builder."

He has an accordion and a shofar and he's not afraid to use them.
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"Daddy no look like narwhal either"
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Why dinosaur cross road?
Last biscuit

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Over the last week I've been

"Mummy you my superhero"
"Mummy batman"
"Mummy beautiful princess one"

I think he likes me.
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Doctor Who! Andreas was just laughing and clapping so much I almost went for my camera to get a video. Those snowmen were just the funniest thing he'd ever seen. I was trying to think of a 'since' but I don't think he laughs more when he's put on someone's head and spun round, even.
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Andreas is having a wonderful first Christmas, and so are the rest of us.

Mine too!

Mar. 4th, 2012 03:50 pm
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Me: What's your favourite animal?
Judith: [Ele]phants. Oh, and I like mine baby too.


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