May. 2nd, 2017

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On Friday I had date with the flapjack muse and it was my turn to cook. So I made razor clams in white wine sauce and served with linguine. Fry an onion and some mushrooms, when they're soft, add the clams and a generous slug of vinho verde, and some baby sweetcorn and mangetout, steam about 5 minutes. Then we watched Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec, which is what happens when someone decides that the world needs a sillier, female Indiana Jones, and by the way, Luc Besson should direct the film.

Saturday we pottered. Judith and I played Flags of the World, which is a memory game about flags, and we are slowly learning flags. We did tidying and cleaning and reading and all that stuff, and then in the evening we watched Doctor Who, both the new episode and the Christmas episode which we had previously missed.

Sunday, Bärli and Jack came over for Dungeons and Dragons. [personal profile] jack has a write up if you're interested in the precise details, but it was nice to play the five of us and Andreas kind of wandered up and rolled my die occasionally. Judith's really getting into it, and it's nice to have a thing which Benedict enjoys. Benedict's character got badly injured, so when out of game B had to go to work, the rest of us had a side quest to do anyway and that worked really well. I recently read this article on the educational nature of DnD as a game, this seems like a good place to drop the link.

Monday, Bärli and I had planned some shopping, but not very well, so when we got to the shops we wanted to go to, they were shut. So we went to John Lewis and then lunch. Bärli got the yarn and knitting needle she needed for her next project though, so that's good. Immediately after lunch I got super sleepy so B put me on a bus home and I enlargened the print on my kindle so I could keep myself awake with reading, and then as soon as I got home I took a two hour nap and felt a lot better.

Monday evenings are Colin date time, so we watched the Expanse. I'm also currently reading the first Expanse book, and keeping a little way ahead of the TV series, which is interesting. It's very dark, visually, which I often find difficult, but it fits with the Miller as Sam Spade thing they have going on, and I'm loving the story. There are bits in the TV series added from later in the books, which is interesting, and there was one point where I had to find the relevant bit in the book to show Colin because the TV show dropped some nuance (or hasn't shown the nuance yet) but on the whole I'm finding both at once quite interesting.

And I've been talking again about how I find it weird that everyone else reads the same books and stuff, but I'm a bit more shy about talking about that, so I'm going back to adding my media consumption to the end of posts. So.

Watching: mostly the Expanse at the moment
Reading: Ditto. Also I just finished the second Cafe la Femme book, which I didn't like as much as the first, and the first Max Gladstone book.
Playing: lots of flags! Can now recognise Kyrgyzstan.
Eating: nothing exciting, carbonara yesterday
Making: I can't find my knitting :( I had planned to spend April finishing things and then it didn't happen, so, more on that soon maybe?
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Today I started a new set of exercise videos, and it's a lot sillier than my old set. I had been using Hamilton as workout music, but I think I need something different, so I'll try a few things out.

What do you use, if anything?


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