Jan. 10th, 2017

Date night

Jan. 10th, 2017 03:10 pm
ghoti_mhic_uait: (Fifties woman)
I've recently had some lovely dates.
First with Bärli, who wanted to relearn to knit, I provided her with a Yarmulke kit and we sat and she worked on that and I worked on the shrug in my userpic, and we watched White Christmas, which is about what people do when they've been trained for war and the war is over, with lots of singing and dancing.

Then I made dinner for the Flapjack Muse which I was really proud of - chicken stuffed with halloumi (he doesn't eat pork) and brie, fondant potato and swede, buttered leeks and chili-garlic butternut squash. The squash and swede were late additions I threw in because they were in the fridge and needed using up. It all worked together beautifully and he was happy :) and we played Tokkaido because I love it and it was new to him, but he was instantly keen too.

Last night, Colin and I watched To Walk Invisible, a Brontë biopic. It was written by an acquaintance of ours, but I think we'd have watched it anyway as I'm reading a lot of good reviews. Anyway, it was beautiful and wonderful and if you're at all interested, I'd recommend it. Colin doesn't have a lot of Brontë experience but he was swept away too.

Tonight, I'm going out with Jack to celebrate his birthday; happy Jack day!


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