Jan. 1st, 2017


Jan. 1st, 2017 11:38 am
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It is 5 weeks into my year, and I apparently didn't mention resolution as such here. They were to do more learning and make more things but I didn't phrase it like that.

Anyway, I'm not doing brilliantly with the first - I've started on the Korean book but very slowly, and also picked up the Swahili book again which is lovely, Swahili as a language just feels right. I did, however, make a whole scarf and I have been doing well at revisiting languishing knitting projects - I've nearly actually finished Judith's Halloween hat which she wore almost finished as I ran out of yarn.

The main problem was that I was feeling like there was no time for me. I was too busy with everyone else's projects and needs and not managing my own. My partners staged an intervention and have been making sure that changes somewhat, especially they've been making sure I get to church which is great. Conversation with Colin didn't exactly go 'If I don't spend any pocket money for two years I can buy a spinning wheel' 'We should double your pocket money then you can get it in one' but it sort of almost went that way. We also finally got round to making me a separate bank account. Ideologically, we both feel that anybody in my position - the no income partner in a relationship where not everyone has income - should have a running away fund, but I've felt that actually making one for me was more hassle than it was worth. Well, it turned out that it took about 5 minutes on a website and was super easy. So my pocket money's being paid into there, and if I wanted to funnel more in I thnk that would be easy.

So I am trying to make sure that I actually do something me-ish and not just be subsumed into family. I can't wait for later as 4 of my family aren't going to grow up and not need me, and the other 3 need the example of me learning and growing and being a proper rounded person!
One of the things I want to do is to have a me-party like I used to. Slow, long events with people in and out, very casual, and cocktails and food and stuff. I wanted to do it over Christmas, and even bought cocktail ingredients, but I have run out of days which aren't booked, even with moving Epiphany to Sunday.

Real life:
Playing: Top Dogs, which is a game of dog sledding and betting and arithmetic, of which Judith seems to have an instinctive grasp.
Reading: Dear Leader by Jang Jin-Sing, which is an account of his life in the North Korean propoganda machine and his escape from it. I'm finding it riveting.
Watching: We're on season 5 of Once Upon a Time again, and I'm really enjoying the direction it's taking.
Making: as mentioned above, finishing Judith's halloween hat, and I've a wee shrug to finish and my DebConf shawl and my November hoodie, for which I keep losing the hook but it'll be OK.


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