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So, I have to do an email lesson (or two) with my reception group. (Yes, Bean, I do have one in mind already). The teacher really wants me to email a real person outside the school. In the past, they've emailed Postman Pat (not a possibility anymore) and the Queen (for her Jubilee, so no longer appropriate). 

 We could email the Bishop to say thankyou for his recent visit (I just had that idea), but I bet they've made cards already.

 So, do any of you have exciting people (for 5 year olds) that you can think of that we can email, or alternatively, do you have a Kindergarten/Reception class that's dying to contact a class in England?

Work wear

Jan. 12th, 2008 10:39 am
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I wish I could get away with wearing a suit and tie to work. As it is, my boss doesn't wear a suit (although he does usually wear a tie, just not a jacket) and I'm not entirely sure how cross-dressing would be reacted to.

What do you wear to work/ would you wear in an ideal world?

(I tend to wear some sort of skirt or trousers and reasonably smart top. If I wear sexy stockings, like the seamed ones, I pair them with my frumpiest skirt, and that tends to average out well. Yesterday I was wearing a fitted crew neck jumper, a green wool skirt, tights, black and silver ballet pumps, and a green necklace. Hair in a bun.) Now I'm not so highly involved with children, I can get away with wearing higher heels, but I still sometimes spend my days crawling under or over things for various reasons, so I have to be comfortable. Also, I don't feel comfortable wearing too casual clothes, and tend to dress smarter than dress code (which is no jeans).
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Anyone have any good website building tools for children?

I've found a plausible looking Java-learning thing and various other things, but wondered about putting it all together at the end.

Kirsten the brain-picker.

ps. this will be for Year 6/P7/ fifth grade.
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When you pot to a moderated community, do you get an email telling you that your post has gone through, and the URL?

(I've tried to post to [ profile] holiday_wishes and they like you to go back and add tags, only I can't find it and am not sure whether that's because it's not there yet, or whether it's the huge volume of stuff)

In other news, I got a really great Secret Santa recipient at work - someone who won't guess me, but who I know what they'll like.


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