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My favourite of our wedding pictures isn't actually online; if you got or saw a thank-you card, it's that one.

Photos taken by [ profile] ashuranahano and available here (check out in particular the cute matching pics of [ profile] shermarama and Jon)

without further ado )
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*squee* husband. Ireland good, with rainbows and dolphins and mountains and husband and hills and heather and peat fires and SEA and a beautiful husband.

Wedding was good, too, feauring also beautiful husband. Coul you drop a link to any post you made about it here, please?

Also, thankyou all for your lovely presents. We're very baffled by the --productivity ++productivity person/people and there are a couple more without labels, so if you don#t get a thankyou note, that's why.

Love you all, and am enjoying marriedness hugely,

Mrs Watson

ps *squee* husband!
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We rehearsed getting married. Not long no! I love my Colin.
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So is the very lovely [ profile] cjwatson.

It's at 3pm in St Laurence's Church, Cambridge. Feel free to come watch anyway, ven if youweren't properly invited. That would be lovely.
(ps. I mean it)
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We're definitely on the home straits now. HURRAY!


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