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I have listened to your advice and gone with Flickr. It's a bit confusing, but easy to share more widely, I'll try and remember to put links here if I think you'll be interested.

This is my favourite photo of a cormorant from the other day when I saw a cormorant for the first time.
A cormorant takes flight from a river.
And this is the bulrushes which always give me an earworm when I go past:


And this is the song on my mind, My Old Mate the Coypu by The Doctor Spacetoad Experience.
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One of the things I've been doing recently is learning photography. I'm getting the hang of a proper camera, and taking a lot of photos and hopefully improving. I've taken a couple of photos I'm really pleased with, and want to share further. Where's a good place for that?

This is what I've thought of: Facebook, but then Colin can't see. Tumblr, but I basically only use tumblr from my phone and that's a bit tricky. Just putting them on public galleries on Google, but I find the permissions hard to get right. Instagram, which seems to be a place for editing photos rather than showing off raw photos?

Any other ideas I didn't think of yet? Or is there a reason I'm just wrong about one of those?


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