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Last night I made Apple sauce chicken with courgette rice.

(Fry an onion and a couple of courgettes in butter, add two cups of short grain rice, when rice is translucent add a pint of chicken stock. Vegetable or my usual standby tamarind would work as well, but as we were eating it with chicken I used chicken stock.)

The chicken was really nice, and I bet it would be good in a bento with a green salad... or as a baked potato topping maybe.
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I got this one off the telly, so it might not be exactly as the website says (I mute the adverts): spread pickle on chicken, grate some cheese on top, pop in oven (200degC) for 30 minutes, Bob's your uncle. I liked it, Colin liked it, Benedict liked it (more unusual) and Judith didn't touch it,but she didn't eat anything.

I quite like the idea of - little tips and tricks to use cupboard basics differently, easily. I haven't explored it much, though.
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On mondays, I go to yoga. I don't want to eat before I go, but I get back too late for Benedict's dinner. So, I'm coming up with a variety of solutions. On Sunday, I noted that I had some pork and an acorn squash, so looked up slow cooker recipes. Duly, I prepared a casserole, and this was in the slow cooker, releasing enticing smells, all day.

It was, in fact, delicious, and liked by all. So, I give you: the recipe. I used fresh sage instead of dried, and lots of it, which helped a lot. Also, it was dark when I picked the herbs, so I used a wee bit of mint instead of thyme.
Definitely go with a *lot* of sage, because the pork really picked up the flavour.
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My favourite two-player card game, that is.

Today, I had maillove in the shape of an extremely beautiful piece of art, flight patterns by [ profile] firinel There will be photos when it is on the wall - currently, it is sitting on the dining table where I can gaze at it whilst eating breakfast.

We went to Rainbows cafe for our dinner; food as lovely as previously experienced, but Benedict had trouble with his lasagne - apparently it tasted nice, but was 'too gooey'. Maybe lasagne should be printed with usage instructions.

In other news, I've discovered what's going wrong (and right) with my second sock - measurigng the second sock against the first, rather than a ruler, results in a smaller sock., This is good on the foot part - my left foot is smaller than my right - but not on the leg bit. I know what to do though. My next socks for me will be the Purl when ready socks, but I'm having trouble with my swift, and managed to make a complete mess of balling up my yarn. [ profile] cjwatson needs socks first though. It;s about time to be his turn :)

Also, I finished listening to 'The Moon of Gomrath'; the story was a bit non-existent, but I did like the flow of the language. A good thing to listen to on audio book, and I do like audio books when knitting.

(ps. did you know there's an American girl called Kirsten? I want one now!)


Sep. 27th, 2005 08:25 pm
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We had lamb chops with gravy and onion marmalade. We also had roast carrots and potatoes with rosemary, and the radish salad [ profile] nou_cooks suggested.

It was very lovely.

We had apple, pear and raspberry crumble with vanilla ice cream for pudding. That was good, too.

Now we plan to do [ profile] nou_cook's cookbook project, too. Col's already chosen a recipe book for our first week, BBC Good Food's '52 Simple Suppers', and I'll choose the recipes.
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Today we had Rosetta onion soup. It was rather nice. I didn't do the toast and cheese thing, though, we just had bread with it.

And then we had raspberries in yoghurt for pudding.
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