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This is the cake I made for Colin for St Joseph's day (19th March, but we celebrated early to avoid Holy Week):

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These are my coloured eggs this year:
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Jul. 2nd, 2008 12:24 pm
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I made mochi.

My red bean paste seems less than ideal, and I think that forming the filling first was a bad idea; the outside is really very sticky, and I tried to make them too big. I'll know next time. Next time, I'll follow advice given elsewhere, and just drop teaspoons of mixture in,rather than forming balls.

Also, if I can't find red bean paste in tins, I''ll use sweetened chestnut puree.

But I love mochi, so there will be a next time.
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I made Cinnamon Rolls. They worked *very* well, and were extremely popular. I just need to make sure I cut even slices, because some of the rolls were short, but with extra glaze :)

Anyway, I'd highly recommend the recipe if you like cinnamon.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 06:56 pm
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[ profile] firinel pointed me at a webcomic and they have a recipe for Empanadas which look really tasty. Not for my next [ profile] xanna time because I plan to make pepparkakor, but some other time.

[ profile] xanna and Benedict and [ profile] cjwatson and I have tea, cake and games once a week, you see. One week I bake, and the next she does. We sometimes have pie or cookies instead of cake. I've noticed that cookies seem to be the standard party sweet thing in the US, and I have one of those biscuit press things now. So, maybe I'll make cookies more often in future.

Do any of you have nice cookie recipes?


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