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I'm getting a package every couple of days now. My most recent was a cute little screwdriver set but I can't remember where I put it. Been a while since I showed you anyway, so I thought I'd gather a selection.

There's an art postcard, a couple of necklaces, a bracelet, some stickers, a gyoza maker, some heart shaped stones with words painted on, and a small snail for clipping your teabag string to your mug.

Or I suppose it could just sit on the side like this:

Rest of life:
Reading: still Oz Reimagined
Watching: Colin and I watched Once Upon a Time and Judith and I are watching our way through Hannah Montana. Love that mummy/Judith time.
Making: Lace fingerless gloves for a knit along and simple crochet hat for when I need something with less concentration (also a crochet along)
Eating: bratwurst, mashed potatoes and carrots and Apple sauce last night. I've a sweet potato and black bean casserole from the box for tonight which will be more interesting but I haven't tried it yet.
Playing: introduced the littles to Cat Boxes, quite successfully. Andreas is really into Blokus at the moment.
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I'm getting bobcats very frequently now. This week I received three art postcards, a sheet of emoji stickers and a decide for squeezing spots. I feel I'm reaching saturation point for art postcards (the back is entirely used), so I've narrowed the keywords to give me hopefully mostly a mixture of kitchen stuff and jewelry, that will take a while to kick in as there's already stuff in its way to me, but I'll see how it goes.


Dec. 19th, 2016 07:19 pm
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My most recent surprise package was a tiny Russian doll charm. So I ordered a bracelet for it to go on, and very lovely it is too.

I'm thinking of, in a little while, narrowing my keywords so I mostly get jewelry and a little kitchen equipment/toys. I'm enjoying the random at the moment though.


Dec. 9th, 2016 02:26 pm
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I'm not sure what this one is. It's a set of circles held together with a spring in the middle so they either align or don't, and the envelope said "Camp Kit". Is it for holding guy ropes?


Dec. 7th, 2016 07:42 pm
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Today's surprise present was a pack of nail stickers. 1 per finger, floral pattern. They look to be more like temporary tattoos than the kind I've used before, so I might use them for art rather than actually as intended.

That's my toy bobcat, Alice, who I wob in a bobcat-related competition, holding the spoils.

I think this is the one which was keyword 'random'.
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I mentioned before that I signed up to

Other people on the internet mentioned it took about a month for their first item to arrive, and it was 4 weeks for me. I added a ton of keywords (which took 3 days from sign up to being able to log in and do that). 

Here is my first item, an 8" toy plesiosaur.

I think that's a good start.

I think this had a keyword 'dinosaur' which makes sense.
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[ profile] marnanel mentioned recently that Bobcat in a box, a service based on an XKCD cartoon, which buys cheap things on ebay and sends them as a surprise. I haven't given it any keywords yet,but I intend to give it quite a few so I'm more likely to get things I like while still being surprising.

If I post about the things I get here, is that of interest to you? Or should I only post if I get a bobcat?

Update: I just got my login/setup email! This is where I add keywords, and then tomorrow the bot buys its first thing for me. Note for others: it took 3 days for my email to arrive and the keywords are select-from-a-list rather than write in. Sadly, 'bobcat' is only on the negative list, so I'm going to email and ask if I can have it added to my positive keywords. I've chosen a gazillion keywords (the more keywords the more random it is - unless you have no keywords at all - because it's an OR not an AND so it could be from any one of the keywords) and just a couple of negative keywords (because I don't want Nestle, or anything sex-related).


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