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Andreas and I have just done some weeding, so now seems like a good time for this.

I got two mirabelles from the mirabelle tree, which is two more than last year, and they were delicious. The almond and fig didn't fruit but look to be holding their own, the rosemary doesn't look so healthy but is hanging in there. There are two redcurrants, a blackcurrant and a blueberry which produced a handful of fruit between them. Lots of chives. Two tiny pepper plants in flower, so I'll look for fruit in a month or so. Jerusalem Artichokes flourishing and will feed us well. Raspberries which have so far produced very little but one plant is covered in white fruit now so we'll see if any of those survive the squirrels long enough for us to eat. Strawberries still look alive, still no fruit. One fuchsia looking very sad. And surprise! One of the pumpkins I planted last year appeared this and is producing flowers right now.

Date: 2017-08-31 03:05 pm (UTC)
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Hurray for the fruits of your labour!


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