Sep. 3rd, 2017

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On Friday it was my turn to cook for me & Tom, and I had no ideas and no decision making powers. So I went to Iceland and found a random selection of food that sounded nice, with only one text to Tom asking him to decide, and we had quite a pleasant dinner of barbecue duck, pulled beef, macaroni cheese and salad. I do like that that's a strategy that more or less works, turn up at Iceland, choose a couple of ready meals, and throw it all in the oven/microwave at Tom's. He said he'd decide on only one thing in that situation, but narrowing it down that far was beyond me. We played Kingdominoes while the food was cooking, and started on our lego rocket when we'd finished.

Yesterday, I noticed that there was nothing in either child's pencil case. I mean, they have about three pencil cases each, but the one for each that we could find had nothing in. So we went to town for stationery, and then to Tom's for more lego. I tried to persuade them to eat cake at Tom's/on the way, but Greggs has new fruit pots so they ate fruit instead, which I guess is a win? And Tom and I had Belgian buns because they were out of bread pudding. The second part of the lego was four identical pieces, so we each took one and built them in parallel. It was hard, especially for Andreas, but then, the box says 14+ so that's to be understood.

Today I have band, so I have to remember how to get to Eversden and which way up a euphonium goes, but it will be fun :) and we are into Benedict's last week at home, he leaves for university on Saturday.

Media roundup:
Reading: still brothers Karamazov
Watching: the Art of Japanese Living, a BBC documentary about Japanese art, with surprise porn just as Judith walked in. Oops. Also, they mentioned an interesting sounding book by Isao Takahata (which doesn't seem to be translated) about how anime grew out of earlier art forms.
Playing: yesterday I played Disney Apples to Apples and Paku Paku, because there were 6 of us wanting to play and those are good for bigger family groups.


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