Jun. 4th, 2017

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I don't really believe in things everyone should do - we're all different and all have different needs and tastes. So I'm going with a song with a message.

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus are part choir, part community outreach, part activist, and they've been such ever since their founding in 1978. Their first public performance was at the memorial for Harvey Milk (where they sang Herr Gott, du bist unsre Zuflucht by Mendelssohn).
Their motto is 'I sing for two' as they lost so many members to AIDS. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

So the message they give today (or rather, on the night of an important equal marriage victory):

I'm Still Standing, by the SFGMC
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Also, I have stopped panicking about Kazakhstan and relaxed into excitement instead, and furthermore I think that Tom and I have answered the important question of what duet to sing at karaoke, and it's Especially For You.


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