Mar. 7th, 2017

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I made cheese pudding for tea, because I suddenly thought it might be a good idea, and although Judith said she liked it a bit, and ate about half of what I gave her, the general conclusion was that cheese pudding is for feeding to [ profile] cartesiandaemon (and not the people who live in this house).

I finished the Emily trilogy by LM Montgomery. Unlike the Anne series, this is deeply creepy and uncomfortable. It's a story of the grooming of a young girl, how she was broken and how it affected everyone around her.

Judith and Bärli and I watched Hidden Figures at the flicks, and it was glorious. Judith is just starting to notice racism, and of course loves space stuff and she described the film as 'fascinating'. I find I don't have a lot of words, but it was wonderful and if you think you might like it you want to see it.

I started a knit along for the Iditarod, but I haven't got very far. I think April is going to be finishing months, I've got so many left gloves and bits and pieces! Maybe lots of months will be.


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