Jan. 2nd, 2017

ghoti_mhic_uait: (Ghoti)
This meme has been going around, and I did it over at FB, but I'm doing it here too because I'm not at full quota yet.

Comment here if you would like me to send you A Thing during this year. I won't commit to the nature of The Thing, but it will be intended to be something to make you happy. It may be home-made, and will likely not be high-value

Depending on take-up rate, I might not get through everyone. First come, first served, and I'll promise to do at least six*.

Comment if you'd like A Thing, and if possible please post a similar offer on your journal. Also include in your comment if you are averse to surprises and would prefer to negotiate your Thing, or if you would prefer to have a non-tangible thing so that I don't need your address!

*I have two takers already over on FB but if six of you want a thing, that's OK!


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