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When I was a teenager, I got kind of into musicals. I'd been in performances of Joseph and Oliver and Salad days, seen Les Mis and Cats, and played various bits of various other musicals. I listened to the casette if I could get hold of it, and I played around with the scores to learn about others. Maybe even watched the film, if there was one.

I haven't so much in recent years, I haven't made time for theatre in any of its guises, beyond singing the children to sleep with a song from Porgy and Bess, but you can imagine my delight when I finally realised that it was not a new biography of Lewis Hamilton that my friends were raving about, but rather a musical about Alexander Hamilton.

It is, in my mind, the best kind of musical - the kind where you understand everything by reading the score or listening to the recording. I don't so much like the kind with lots of talking because back when I didn't have any money or a TV, that meant I missed everything. I'm not happy with how Hamilton's bisexuality is glossed over, but the rest!
I love how Benedict could walk through and pick out the hip hop references I missed. I love how it feels so much like the musicals of my youth, there's a clear family resemblance between all of the genre, despite the difference in actually musical texture.

So, when [personal profile] rmc28 said, there's an amdram performance of one of Miranda's other musicals nearby, I jumped at the chance to go. The musical was Bring It On, a story of cheerleaders and athletic competition and making it through the school years.

cut for minor spoilers )
ETA: and I think Cross The Line has jumped straight into my 'favourite song from a musical' slot.
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Yesterday at 11am, Judith asked if she could take Spanish classes. I muttered something affirmative, she said great, here's Jasper's mum, she organises them, talk to her, by the way it's tomorrow at 10am. So in the afternoon, Judith was excited.
"Benedict, I'm going to take Spanish classes!"

Andreas heard, and said "I already speak Spanish!" before approaching B and greeting him "Bonjour, mon frère."


Apr. 10th, 2017 08:18 pm
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I have two other blogs, one for talking about our learning as a family (because my two youngest are home educated) and one for talking about games, because I found the first got covered in games quite quickly. Mostly, they have a picture and maybe a sentence of text, occasionally I reblog stuff, occasionally there's wall of text.

Anyway, they are syndicated here as [syndicated profile] educatingwatsons_feed and [syndicated profile] watsonsatplay_feed and I'll try to remember to read them here and reply to comments.
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Today I noticed that I missed some Jerusalem artichokes when harvesting last year, and they have turned into new plants. This is not unexpected but is still pleasing. Last year I harvested exactly one dinner's worth of veg, from half our growing space.

What was unexpected is that both the birds and I missed a raspberry, so I have a tiny baby raspberry, which brings me up to 6 again. But Andreas did some weeding and I have fewer pepper plants than I did before he did that. So we've talked about how he needs to get me to supervise before he does that, he just forgot.
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My recipe blog is stuck at the 'importing posts' stage and has been for 20 hours, do you think that sounds normal or is there something I should do, and if so, what? Start again?

Update:My entries are finished, took about 36 hours but I was asleep at the time, and the comments are still in a queue, but it looks like everyone is trying to do it at the same time, and that's the only reason it's slow.


Apr. 5th, 2017 03:36 pm
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I've imported everything else, so there's already 16 years worth of journal here, but this is my first time actually typing into a Dreamwidth window.

If you crosspost to the other place, then I think you've been automatically sorted into the same filter groups you're in over there, if you don't or you recently stopped, then I'm trying my best but I might accidentally get it wrong.

I'll go through some other people's lists later and add people but it's going to take a while, I haven't forgotten you. Probably.
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This journal has moved to

It's been a blast,and I'll miss this journal, but it's time for a change.
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Spoilers )

Now we have two new games - Ghostbusters, which is also a campaigny game but a bit less long term and the littles are more enthusiastic about it, and Atlantis, which is a game lots of people may age played while I was playing Labyrinth and Fang Den Hut and other games whose English name I didn't know. I played a lot of Cluedo and Risk, too. Fang den Hut is sort of like a better balanced Ludo. Often it comes down to the last turn before it's obvious who wins, which I like, but it is mostly chasing players around the board trying to capture their pieces. Wikipedia says its English name is Coppit. Labyrinth is called that in English too.
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Aldi has chili and pepper plants in their specials this week, and add I've had good experiences growing chili, I thought I'd give both a chance. They said transfer asap, so Judith and I did that this afternoon and I thought maybe it was time for one of these posts again. So.

6 chilis, 6 bell peppers.
2 clumps of chives
1 rosemary. My rosemary was stolen last year at mother's day but not this year!
2 strawberry plants, I think I might plant some more later.
5 raspberry canes
2 redcurrants
1 blueberry
1 blackcurrant
1 jostaberry
1 miniature fig
1 tiny almond, with blossom!
1 Mirabelle tree, blossom in by bud.

I was thinking of planting lateral thyme or chamomile to fill the gap between the big things, too.
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I had a lovely mother's day, and I hope you had a good day too, and much sympathy for those of you who find it hard.

We had a bit of a rough start and got to church late, but then we went out to lunch, at Pizza Express where i rarely get to go but where the salad is the nicest of all the pizzerias so i had bruschetta con funghi, pizza with a hole in, and tiny spiced figs, which are all my favourite things from the recipe, and we talked and talked. And then we came home and i was given presents, Survival: Escape from Atlantis, which is a sort of rerelease of Atlantis but better balanced, you have to get your meeples to safety, while an island collapses and sea creatures try to eat you.

Benedict gave me the first Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) book and some sugar mice, which is both awesome and a perfect pairing.

Now I'm having a cuddle with Andreas.

So that's got me thinking - what superheroes pair with what confectionary? I'm thinking nut brittle for squirrel girl, Werther's Original for Captain America (because it's old guy candy) and salmiakki (adult, dark and quirky) for Watchmen. What do you think?


Mar. 25th, 2017 02:00 pm
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This week I cleaned the fridge and inventoried the freezer. And i was talking about it and said to my friend "shall i put it on LJ?" And they are like me, curious about this stuff so says yes.

list )
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Monday morning means Emerald City, which is Oz for grownups. It's based on not just the first book, but subsequent books, and I'm less familiar with those. I think there's some new stuff thrown in, and certainly I can think of at least one character where they've amalgamated two and I'm pretty certain they were separate in the book. But it's gripping, I'm loving it.
Content note: there's a trans* kid who gets forced off his meds. It's so emotionally hard, and that's the point, to show how he really needs that help.

I'm reading Magic for Nothing by Seanan McGuire, which is the latest InCryptid and told from Antimony's perspective. Lots of roller derby and lots of fun. Also Taking the Village Online which if you like academic parenting books, you might be interested in, but otherwise, maybe not? IDK.

Playing: Colin just got the Ghostbusters boardgame so we haven't played that yet but it's our next plan. I haven't been playing so many games recently though.

Also, yesterday I made blackbean enchiladas which made Colin happy, and Jack cooked for me so that made me happy. A nice salsa though, finely chopped onion, tomatoes, mixed salad leaves, lime juice and a lot of pepper. And lime and black pepper soured cream, I normally just offer plain soured cream or yoghurt, but that was a good plan. Also in recent menu, mixed nuts fried with rice wine and rice vinegar, they were really good.
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I made cheese pudding for tea, because I suddenly thought it might be a good idea, and although Judith said she liked it a bit, and ate about half of what I gave her, the general conclusion was that cheese pudding is for feeding to [ profile] cartesiandaemon (and not the people who live in this house).

I finished the Emily trilogy by LM Montgomery. Unlike the Anne series, this is deeply creepy and uncomfortable. It's a story of the grooming of a young girl, how she was broken and how it affected everyone around her.

Judith and Bärli and I watched Hidden Figures at the flicks, and it was glorious. Judith is just starting to notice racism, and of course loves space stuff and she described the film as 'fascinating'. I find I don't have a lot of words, but it was wonderful and if you think you might like it you want to see it.

I started a knit along for the Iditarod, but I haven't got very far. I think April is going to be finishing months, I've got so many left gloves and bits and pieces! Maybe lots of months will be.
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I've mostly been forgetting to read a lot lately. Colin an I watched Interstellar, which I found emotionally difficult but, apart from an unfortunate resemblance of one of the minor characters, not for any good reason. We all went to see Sing for Andreas' birthday, which was rather lovely. But books not so much. I put my short story collection down somewhere and don't remember where, which is a sign I should move on and come back to it later, but I keep forgetting to do that step.

Anyway, in February I read 5 books.

4 written by women
1 written by a man

Not sure on ethnicity of all the authors (whch is a thing we discussed last month as being not always obvious)

2 fantasy
1 poetry
1 slice of life
1 biography

which is also 3 aimed at adults and 2 aimed at children.

Apart from the biography - the story of Togo, the dog who was lead dog for most of the Nome serum run - which I read to Judith because we both wanted to read it - all of those were read before the 16th.
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Into the Woods. It's a Sondheim musical base on interwoven fairy tales. It's about the meaning of family and how wishes work, and if you like either fairy tales or musicals, it's probably worth a go and if not, probably not.

RWBY. Recommened by a couple of people, and it's lovely. Largely female cast of well rounded characters, battling monsters (and trying to work out which of the people are monsters and which of the monsters just need to be left alone). It's beautiful, although in places it looks more like a video game than a tv show. Very violent in a cartoony way.

Emerald City. This is on actual TV (5star) once a week, so I'm on the second episode right now. It's a retelling of the Wizard of Oz for adults, and I'm enjoying it immensely. It's quite big in scope, and feels like there's a lot of world and characterisation still to find, and i'm really enjoying their Dorothy and West in particular.
ETA: trans* character outed at end of second episode. I'm hoping he's treated well, and a quick Google brings up conservatives complaining about the show being too respectful so I'm not totally baseless in that hope, but reserving judgment.
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There's a meme over at Facebook and I thought it was ripe for moving over here: Ask me my top 5 [blanks].

Anything which I might have five favourites of, fill I the blank however you want, and I'll endeavour to answer.
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I'm getting a package every couple of days now. My most recent was a cute little screwdriver set but I can't remember where I put it. Been a while since I showed you anyway, so I thought I'd gather a selection.

There's an art postcard, a couple of necklaces, a bracelet, some stickers, a gyoza maker, some heart shaped stones with words painted on, and a small snail for clipping your teabag string to your mug.

Or I suppose it could just sit on the side like this:

Rest of life:
Reading: still Oz Reimagined
Watching: Colin and I watched Once Upon a Time and Judith and I are watching our way through Hannah Montana. Love that mummy/Judith time.
Making: Lace fingerless gloves for a knit along and simple crochet hat for when I need something with less concentration (also a crochet along)
Eating: bratwurst, mashed potatoes and carrots and Apple sauce last night. I've a sweet potato and black bean casserole from the box for tonight which will be more interesting but I haven't tried it yet.
Playing: introduced the littles to Cat Boxes, quite successfully. Andreas is really into Blokus at the moment.


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